10 bathroom trends that will dominate in 2024, according to designers

2024's bathroom trends celebrate color, pattern, and creating a tranquil space

Bathroom trends 2024
(Image credit: DATE Interiors & Kirsten Francis & Katja Greeff/Ca'Pietra/BC Designs & Darren Chung & @homemade_Hannah)

Bathroom trends for 2024 are centered around creating a warm and welcoming space, with an added sense of luxury. And while creating a sanctuary is key, so is infusing your bathroom with personality and distinct style.

Interior design trends come and go, but this year’s bathroom trends all have enduring appeal. These bathroom ideas include design elements to help us fall back in love with our schemes – warmth, tranquility, and characterful style are core to 2024’s trends.

Whether you’re planning a full bathroom renovation or a small makeover to refresh your space, these bathroom trends for 2024 are worth taking note of when planning your new and improved bathroom design.

These days, bathroom trends feel more enduring – introducing any of these design ideas will refresh your bathroom without the worry of it feeling dated once the year is out. From statement features and bold colors to elegant decor and timeless accents, there’s plenty to inspire. 

1. Walk-in showers

striped blue and white shower with wooden vanity unit and rattan blind

(Image credit: Mosaic Factory / Interiors Lizzie Green / Photography Chris Snook)

Past bathroom trends have focused on statement bathtubs, from roll-top designs to free-standing additions, but this year is all about the walk-in shower. A seamless finish that works in bathrooms big and small, is 2024 the year to ditch the bath?

‘I love a seamless walk-in to the shower, no threshold, and the same tile throughout. This is great, especially for smaller bathrooms – the seamless floor helps to make the bathroom feel bigger,’ says interior designer Taniya Nayak.

‘Make sure the floor tile is smaller to accommodate the slope in the shower. There are plenty of great options from penny rounds, to small-scale chevrons to hexagons, or even a smaller stone tile like a river rock for a more spa-like feel,’ she adds.

2. Plaster texture replicated on tile

Plaster effect tiles for a textural bathroom scheme

(Image credit: Ca’Pietra)

The plaster effect on the walls has been creeping into several interior design styles, and it’s set to be a big bathroom trend this year, but in a slightly new way. Adding warmth and textural interest to walls that would once be simply painted in a flat, solid color, this trend is a way to add dimension to bathroom walls.

‘Plaster is big news in interiors. It adds warmth and texture to homes; making walls feel almost alive. Replicating the trend on tiles has many benefits, including being able to be used within a wet room environment, on both the walls and floors.,’ says Grazzie Wilson, head of creative at Ca’Pietra.

‘There is also the bonus of choosing a rich color and color-drenching their projects in the same Stucco shade. Or combine two, for a chequerboard effect which is another huge trend in bathrooms right now,’ she suggests.

3. Colorful sanitary ware

Colorful sanitary ware bathroom trend

(Image credit: BC Designs/Darren Chung/@homemade_Hannah)

Several outdated ‘70s trends are making a comeback in 2024, and colorful sanitary ware is at the top of the return list. And if this suggestion is giving you flashbacks to the infamous avocado bathroom suites, fear not – this resurgence is seeing more nuanced, natural shades at the forefront.

‘Colorful sanitary ware has firmly cemented itself as a major bathroom trend, with colors such as greens, pinks, beiges, and greys being hugely popular, but this is to be expected as they are being seen across the interior design spectrum,’ says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs.

‘The most popular color we’re predicting for 2024 is green. Generally, bathroom trends follow kitchen trends 18 months later, and green was the go-to color. We often associate the color green with nature, so follow this theme by pairing it with wood, either in accessories or vanity units, along with aged brass brassware,’ Barrie suggests.

4. Bathroom wall paneling

Bathroom wall paneling

(Image credit: Naturepanel)

While wall paneling in itself is nothing new, a renewed desire for timeless interiors is seeing this traditional design element making its way into this year’s bathroom trends.

‘Wooden acoustic slat walls are a huge trend in interiors at the moment, but they’re not suitable for bathrooms as they aren’t waterproof. An alternative way to create the on-trend look is by using wall paneling which replicates the sapwood elements and fine knots and looks authentic for a fraction of the cost,’ says Lidia Cetrangolo, creative manager at Naturepanel.

‘There are also the benefits of being easy to clean and maintain, can be installed over existing wall surfaces, and are environmentally friendly. In a bathroom, they can also be used in all areas, including in a wet room and shower, unlike traditional wooden slat walls. Luxury, practicality, and cost-effective all rolled into one,’ she explains.

5. Statement stone

Statement stone bathtub

(Image credit: DATE Interiors/Kirsten Francis/Katja Greeff)

There’s been a theme running through interior design trends for creating ‘moments’ in schemes. In bathroom trends, it’s all about using a statement stone to create a focal point.

‘We love a statement stone in a bathroom, like a bold Calacatta Viola. A colorful, striking marble can act as the anchor in a design scheme, with more muted, neutral elements tied in,’ says Molly Torres Portnof, founder and principal designer at DATE Interiors.

There are plenty of ways to create a ‘moment’ with stone in the bathroom – a statement sink can look really striking, or a shower nook lined in a quality stone can create a stunning focal point.

6. Trim and moldings

Wall moldings in a bathroom

(Image credit: BC Designs/Darren Chung/@1_denison_house)

Architectural details go a long way to making a room feel complete, and this year’s bathroom trend for adding trim and moldings adds a sense of grandeur to a scheme – a feature you’d expect to find in European apartments

‘One of the trends that I love right now is the use of trim and molding in bathrooms. It's a great way to elevate your space and if you have the time and patience to DIY – it doesn't have to break the bank,’ says interior designer Kristen Scharer.

Introducing simple trim and molding details can add finesse to the bathroom design, or for a bolder statement, paint them in a contrasting color.

7. Bold bathroom colors

plum colored bathroom

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Talking of color, bolder hues are dominating bathroom trends. Gone are the days when only neutrals and shades of blue were beloved in a bathroom, as more playful designs are breaking through to create a more homely scheme.

‘We love fun, bold paint colors! It's a great way to have the client's personality show through the design. It can be intimidating to go with this choice, but it's an easier element to change later on,’ says Sarah Snouffer, of Third Street Architecture.

There are plenty of ways to add a colorful statement in a bathroom, but for Sarah, nothing beats a color drenched scheme. ‘We like to paint walls, doors, trim, and ceiling the same color in bathrooms. It's a cost-efficient way to go bold,’ she adds.

8. Laser-cut textures and patterns

Laser cut patterns in a bathroom

(Image credit: Devon&Devon)

If pattern is your forte, the trend for laser cut details will certainly pique your interest. Rather than simply applying bathroom tiles or wallpaper with a fun design, this alternative method sees intricate shapes and repeats cut out from solid materials.

‘These creative patterns offer a change from the standard grids and offer the ability to add design without too much color, so it can be more subtle while still adding elegance and high design,’ explains Seth Ballard, AIA, principal of Ballard + Mensua Architecture.

‘In one project I mixed a series of neutral-colored textural tiles – with hand-baked ceramics from Sonoma tile, laser-cut marble from Marble Systems, and a contrasting darker vanity,’ adds Seth. Offering a way to create a more elegant finish with pattern, you should expect to see more bathrooms featuring this style of design.

9. Retro design elements

smoked glass shower screen

(Image credit: Sealskin Duka)

It’s clear that bathroom trends this year are taking cues from the past, and it’s not just the colorful bathtubs making a comeback. Smoked glass is having a revival, and the focus is on shower screens. 

‘As well as being beautiful, smoked glass has a very cool retro edge that we love,’ says Jordan Cluroe of 2LG Studio. ‘It works well in so many different design styles and offers a strong impact when paired with color,’ he enthuses.

As well as being a visually appealing design elements, there are a number of practical benefits, too. They offer increased bathroom privacy, especially if you’re re-designing a shared ensuite bathroom.  

10. Mixing styles for an eclectic scheme

Shower room with metro tiled wall and wallpaper

(Image credit: Lisa Gilmore)

Eclectic style is a dominating style for 2024, and it’s seeping into bathroom trends, too. Mixing patterns, colors, and design styles create a personality-filled space that feels personal and collected.

‘I’m finding clients much more willing to have fun with bold patterns in their bathrooms, especially with mixing up bathroom wallpaper and tile,’ says designer Lisa Gilmore. ‘I like to treat them as little jewel boxes and encourage clients to step outside their comfort zones.’ 

Whether you mix old and new for a timeless space, or go bold with a pattern drenched bathroom, introducing a sense of eclectic style will go a long way in 2024. 

The bathroom trends dominating 2024 are all centres around reintroducing color, creating a space that feels personal, and that has a sense of timeless appeal. Whether you go for a bold design or something more tranquil, these bathroom trends are a wonderful source of inspiration.

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