Colorful bathroom suites are making a comeback – 5 ways to style these retro fixtures in any scheme

An unexpected way to make a bold design statement, interior designers say this revived trend is the best way to add color to your bathroom

Colorful bathroom suites
(Image credit: Annie Sloan/Studio Duggan & MLH/Burlington)

As homeowners endeavor to reinfuse their rooms with personality, we're seeing colorful bathroom suites making a comeback this year. These retro designs are an instant way to add color and character to a bathroom scheme, in spaces both small and large.

For so long, bathroom ideas have offered a beautiful variety of designs, but the one thing that always stayed the same is the white fixtures. Bathtubs, sink basins, and toilets all remained that clinical white we're so used to, but this year's bathroom trends are mixing things up, reintroducing more vibrant hues in unexpected ways.

Fear not – the avocado suites of the '70s aren't making a return, but a more elevated approach to colorful bathroom suites is taking center stage. Here, interior designers weigh in on this revived trend and share their favorite ways to introduce it to bathroom designs.

Why are colorful bathroom suites making a comeback in 2024?

Colorful sanitaryware bathroom trend

(Image credit: BC Designs/Darren Chung/@homemade_Hannah)

There's no denying this year's trends have been gravitating towards more colorful spaces, embracing maximalism and eclectic design. And with any style that beckons the spotlight, people begin to search for new and unexpected ways to interpret design ideas.

It's been a while since colorful bathroom suites have been a popular feature, but this year is seeing the revival of several once-outdated trends. 'For far too long, bathrooms have been relegated to a realm of blandness – all whites and greys. Seeing vibrant hues re-emerge is a breath of fresh air,' says Annie Sloan CBE, color and paint expert and creator of Chalk Paint.

While we are certainly seeing this shift to more color in bathrooms, it's a common theme running through a lot of interior design trends that embrace lived-in and characterful styles. 'I believe people are craving more personal expression in their living spaces. After years of minimalism and neutral palettes, there's a collective yearning for something that feels more joyful and unique,' Annie says.

Bathroom with a light blue sink basin and mid blue wall tiles

(Image credit: Studio Duggan/MLH)

'Color has the power to transform not just a room but also our mood. It brings a sense of playfulness and warmth. It makes a statement – it says, "This is my space, and it reflects who I am." This is especially true in a sea of all-white identikit suites,' she adds.

Colorful bathroom suites offer a way to introduce color more unexpectedly, offering a more unique take on colorful bathroom ideas. And while the choice to introduce color into a bathroom is about adding personalization, it's also about changing the mood the space evokes.

'The colors we choose for our interiors can have a profound and lasting impact on our mood and emotional well-being. Imagine the calming and tranquil effect of a soft blue hue or the burst of happiness and invigorating energy that a bright yellow can bring into a room,' says Natalie Bird, brand marketing manager at Roca.

A green bathroom with gray herringbone floor tile

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

'By intentionally adding different colors to our bathrooms, we can create spaces that not only look stunning and reflect our personal style but also positively influence our emotions and state of mind. This perfect mix of design and psychology can transform our daily routines into something special, turning our bathrooms into more than just functional spaces. They become personal retreats that uplift and inspire us every day,' she adds.

This renewed appreciation for colorful bathroom suites, which has, in turn, revived the vibrant trend, is thanks to both their ability to add unique appeal to a space, as well as set the mood we desire from a bathroom.

5 ways to introduce colourful bathroom suites to any space

Thinking of introducing a colorful bathroom suite to your space? There are plenty of design ideas to suit every style, from bold colors and patterns to moody and tranquil schemes. Here, we ask interior designers about their favorite ways to decorate with colorful bathroom suites.

1. Create balance and cohesion

Blue bathroom with a blue painted bathtub

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Introducing bold colors doesn't mean your bathroom can't feel tranquil – it's simply a case of choosing the right hues and balancing the different elements of the space. Pair saturated colors with natural materials and soft accents for a sophisticated feel.

'The key to making colorful bathroom fixtures work is balance and cohesion. Take, for instance, this bathroom with my ombre-painted turquoise feature wall. The gradient effect creates a soothing, gently dynamic, watery vibe, perfect for a space associated with cleansing and relaxation,' explains Annie.

'Paired with natural wood accents and a tub painted the same color as the wall keeps it from feeling overwhelming. These colors invite introspection, allowing you to float away into your subconscious during bath time,' she adds.

2. Pair colorful fixtures with pattern for a maximalist bathroom

Bathroom with blue fixtures and patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Burlington)

The return of colorful bathroom suites is good news for maximalists – the classic white suites can sometimes jar in a color-drenched space, but a colorful suite is the perfect finishing touch.

Thankfully, because colorful bathroom suites are usually a block color, the design possibilities are almost endless. Pair with a bathroom filled with cohesive colors, or introduce a playful pattern, like in this maximalist bathroom.

A blue bathroom suite has been paired with a patterned wallpaper – the result is a vibrant space that feels bright and inviting. Make sure the wallpaper you introduce is suitable for a bathroom – if your space gets high levels of humidity it might be better for opt for patterned tiles instead.

3. Introduce neutrals for a tranquil bathroom

Bathroom painted dark chocolate brown with a warm beige bathtub

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Colorful bathroom suites don't have to be vibrant – softer neutral hues are also proving popular with their revival, offering a muted take on the trend and encouraging a more relaxing atmosphere. Consider colors such as beige, taupe, and soft greens for a more neutral bathroom scheme.

'Start by choosing a color palette that truly resonates with you. Think about the mood you want to create in your bathroom. If you’re aiming for a calming, spa-like retreat, soft pastels can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere,' says Emma Mottram, brand marketing manager at Alape.

The other benefit of a colorful bathroom suite in a neutral hue is that you can pair it with a darker palette on the walls. In this bathroom, a beige bathtub has been paired with dark brown walls – the result is a space that feels luxurious and tranquil without being overwhelming.

4. Go bold with the bathroom flooring

Gray bathroom with a gray bathtub, pink shower curtain, and blue and wood chequered flooring

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Bringing a colorful bathroom suite into your space doesn't mean you have to forgo statement design features elsewhere. With the right color choices, your choice of suite color can complement bolder design features, like in this scheme with a chequerboard bathroom floor.

'For those who prefer something more subdued but still want a pop of color, consider a bathroom with a muted overall palette complemented by a color on the flooring,' says Annie.

'This bathroom with neutral walls and fittings has a painted purple checkerboard floor. The subtle elegance of muted walls allows the playful floor to take center stage without overpowering the space,' she explains. The mid-tone purple of the bathtub ties the various hues of the bathroom together and adds a sense of warmth to the overall design.

5. Create a cozy atmosphere with moody colors

Blue bathroom with a colorful bathroom suite

(Image credit: Burlington)

The colors you choose can set the mood of your bathroom – for a sense of coziness, opt for calming hues like blue or green. 'I lean to moody, indulgent, seductive, atmospheric blues and greens that urge me to drift away, switch off, and check in with myself inside a rich cocoon of color,' says Annie.

A tonal scheme can be really effective, especially with the addition of a colorful bathroom suite. Make sure to decorate with various shades for a design that feels elevated and layered.

This bathroom is a perfect example – a light blue sink and toilet pop against the darker blue wall tiles. Paired with blue patterned wallpaper, the scheme feels cozy and moody, perfect for winding down in the evening.

Colorful bathroom suites are back in a big way, but the revived approach sees a much more versatile design style. So, whether you're trying to create an eclectic scheme or a tranquil escape, a colorful bathroom suite might just be the finishing touch you're looking for.

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