Roca’s architecturally inspired bathroom collection will transform your space beyond recognition – the design perfectly encapsulates the ‘warm minimalist’ look

Clean lines and natural wood features make the Tura collection perfect for creating a Mediterranean-inspired sanctuary

Roca Tura collection in bathroom
(Image credit: Roca)

When you are designing a space where switching off and embracing a more zen atmosphere comes top of the agenda, the warm minimalist trend is a clear choice. A bathroom should, at its core, be functional, thoughtfully designed and in keeping with the style of the rest of your home, which is something that Roca’s new Tura collection achieves tenfold. 

Boasting a truly timeless feel, Tura is built on clean lines, a pared-back palette and sustainable material choices. When chosen well, a bathroom should last for years to come, and the everlasting quiet luxury appeal of the Tura collection means that it will withstand your taste evolving and the impact of high-traffic daily use.  

A bathroom is a sanctuary in which to carve out time for ourselves, and it is where many of us start and end our day. Peaceful, minimal design that feels warm and luxurious, is the simplest way to ensure your bathroom is one of the most considered corners of your home.

Exploring the inspiration behind the collection 

When dreaming up bathroom ideas, the modern Spanish look ranks highly on many wishlists. Combining practical surfaces with light colours and shapely designs, Mediterranean interiors enhance the sense of space and create an airy environment that works best in a washroom.  

Created in collaboration with Catalan designer Andreu Carulla, Tura takes inspiration from the heritage of 20th-century Barcelona, a city known for its architecture and culture. A shared hometown of both Roca and Andreu Carulla, a take on the beautiful Spanish design and warm minimalist interiors have been woven into the foundations of the collection. 

The combination of heritage design and contemporary sleek lines means that the Tura range will be a long-lasting addition to your home, and one that complements both traditional and modern interiors. The enduring design, along with the use of sustainable materials such as ceramic, recycled cork and felt, showcase Carulla’s consideration of environmental impact throughout the design process, and into the home.

Explore the key features of the wonderful Tura collection by Roca below.

Basins and Furniture

Roca tura collection in bathroom

(Image credit: Roca)

The architectural inspiration behind the Tura collection is most evident in the modern design of the washbasins. Creating a minimalist look that is soft around the edges comes down to bathroom furniture that combines subtle curves and a warm neutral colour palette. Not only are the basins pleasing to the eye, but the ergonomic design also makes them enjoyable to use – particularly thanks to the hidden drain and additional surface space that is ideal for laying out toiletries.  

To maintain a luxurious look in a bathroom, adequate bathroom storage is essential to keep surfaces clutter-free. The Tura collection of bathroom furniture evokes memories of Mediterranean summers with open slatted shelves inspired by shutters that are famous in the region’s architecture. A colour scheme of Matt White, Light Noble Grey and Light Terracotta is also reminiscent of simple Spanish interiors. 


Roca Tura collection in bathroom

(Image credit: Roca)

Tura’s bath is where the Mediterranean design influence can really be showcased in a bathroom. For a space that is designed for lounging, soaking and switching off, a comfortable yet premium tub is essential. 

A simple shape speaks volumes and this is inspired by an architectural cantilever system, creating the illusion that it is floating in space – the epitome of quiet luxury. Amplified by the option of an LED light around the base, it is easy to create a cozy ambiance when nights begin to draw in. 

Made from Roca’s composite Stonex®, this material allows for a bath that is both spacious and light from a design perspective, with a slim exterior that will sit subtly in a room. It is also warm to the touch, anti-slip and easy to keep clean, making bathtime a stress-free experience. 


Roca Tura collection close up detail of sink

(Image credit: Roca)

The key to a chic bathroom design always lies in the details. The larger components certainly define the overall aesthetic, but adding those final touches has the potential to take a bathroom from bland to purposefully minimalist and luxurious. 

The bath tray, which is a must-have for long soaks, is made of FSC®-certified wood and designed to sit flush on the edge of the tub. The bath also comes with a height-adjustable headrest made of recycled outdoor fabric, making it even more comfortable. The Tura collection has a great emphasis on sustainability which leads to thoughtfully designed features which are as pleasurable to use as they are to look at. 

The collection also includes recycled felt storage boxes, specifically designed for displaying on open shelves. They come with a recycled cork lid to keep items dust-free, which can also be used as a shelf over washbasins for double the functionality. 

WCs and Bidets

Roca Tura collection in Mediterranean bathroom

(Image credit: Roca)

The core components of a bathroom, yet one of the least thrilling to choose, are WCs and bidets. While you may not have given much thought in the past to a highly practical bathroom purchase, Tura has redefined the selection of WCs and bidets with smooth, ergonomic designs that seamlessly blend with the rest of the collection. 

No matter if you are planning a family bathroom renovation or attempting to better use the space in a smaller en-suite, there are many space saving features in the Tura range that make it all the more functional. The WCs and bidets come in wall-hung, floor-standing and close-coupled options to suit your exact space, and are available with Roca’s antimicrobial Supraglaze® finish, which makes it harder for dirt and limescale to stick to the surface and thus easier for you to keep clean.

Renovating a bathroom where practical features and stylish designs must ideally come together is never an easy feat. Roca and Carulla’s emphasis on architecturally-driven interiors that not only enhance the appearance of a wash space but are also smooth to operate define the bathroom as a spot to truly switch off and find solace in.

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