Amber Valletta's calming, mid-century modern living room color scheme is the pinnacle of quiet luxury

This cozy, ultra-stylish color scheme signifies the stealth wealth trend in the model's home. Interior designers love the look

amber valletta
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A carefully chosen color scheme can completely change the energy of a home. Amber Valletta's living room is the perfect example. Color is used effectively to turn her space into a cozy, calming paradise for ultimate comfort. 

The actress and model's living room, designed by illustrious interior designer Ross Cassidy, is a warm neutral oasis. Chocolate brown, natural wood, and comforting cream shades are carefully balanced across the space.

The high-quality materials and understated living room color scheme combine to invoke one of 2024's most popular interior design trends: quiet luxury. Interior designers are in love with Valletta's neutral space, and the way it creates this subtly stylish 'stealth wealth' effect.

Melissa Read, London-based interior designer and creative director at Studio Burntwood tells H&G: 'We adore this look. The marriage of minimalism and a soft, soothing color palette creates an atmosphere of understated luxury and refinement. The commanding presence of the marble fireplace works in harmony with the generously sized corner sofa, and rustic jute rug.' It's a masterclass in how to make a living room more relaxing.

melissa read of burntwood studio
Melissa Read

Melissa Read is a leading Interior Designer and Founder of Studio Burntwood, a London-based interior design studio, specializing in luxury residential design for clients across the UK and globally. Their focus is on crafting timeless spaces that enhance clients' lifestyles.

Kathy Kuo, NYC-based interior designer adds: 'The combination of organic neutral colors and modern furniture silhouettes in the cozy living room creates an effect that feels equal parts upscale and inviting. I love the twin armchairs set against the striking black and white marble fireplace hearth, and the springy florals on the freeform coffee table contribute the perfect dose of natural charm.'

kathy kuo home
Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry. 

If you are interested in recreating Valletta's scheme, it's all about texture and material. Read advises readers: 'To achieve a similar quiet luxury look, we suggest focusing on sourcing natural materials with distinct textures and tones, ensuring they harmonize seamlessly with the overall design scheme. Opting for neutral upholstery across mid-century modern furniture further enhances the space's calming feel, allowing the eye to rest. Consider sourcing low-level furniture, which instantly gives a minimal and relaxed feel. For artwork, select pieces that strike a delicate balance between subtlety and impact.'

Warm neutrals, natural textures, and mid-century modern design features unite to create the perfect quiet luxury space. Just because this style is muted in colors, doesn't mean it can't make a big impact.

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