Anne Hathaway's living room color scheme is a calm celebration of 'quiet luxury' and nature-inspired hues

Anne Hathaway's home takes inspiration from nature's seasonal spectrum of earthy tones to create a warm and welcoming space

Anne Hathaway
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The 'quiet luxury' aesthetic has been abuzz in the design world for some time now, but achieving the look is so much more than just a concept, it is a lifestyle; one that American actress Anne Hathaway has embraced wholeheartedly in her chalet-style residence in California. 

Crafting a quiet luxury living room is also not as unobtainable as it may at first appear. Just one sophisticated room color idea or color palette can turn your home into a luxurious space that is perfectly coherent and considered. 

In a world where everything feels so fast-paced, more people are turning to quieter, earth-toned colors to create a sense of calm and stillness. However, while they may seem like a safe choice, decorating with neutrals can be tricky to get right, but with some interior design know-how, gentle color palettes are the epitome of the quiet luxury trend

Designed by Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri, this 1906 country house takes its cues from the romance and idiosyncrasy of architect Myron Hunt’s vision for a Swiss chalet improbably planted in Southern California. The use of nature-inspired hues is a homage to the earthy, rugged landscape surrounding the exquisite property.

Earthy hues are enjoying a resurgence on both walls and furniture, so we are naturally captivated by the color scheme in Anna Hathaway, and her husband Adam Shulman's home.

The nuances of brown are often underplayed, but one look at Anne Hathaway's living room shows you how complex and interesting the shade can be. Considered a dark neutral, earthy brown is grounding but also has a truly sophisticated elegance. There is an unexpected richness that reveals itself in different ways. In north-facing rooms, it will create a cocooning feel, and in brighter spaces, it allows the opportunity to layer other shades of brown for more impact. 

‘Being polychromatic, brown goes with everything, but in deeper, very rich hues it is particularly good at flattering beautiful, well-drawn patterns,' says Edward Bulmer, interior designer and founder, of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

 A brilliant foil for pretty much every color, the darker the tone the sharper the contrast should be. In this cozy living room, rich, jewel-like blue and green hues sit beautifully with brown, mirroring the Californian land and sky outside. 

Natalie Forbes and Louisa Rix, co-founders, of Forbes Rix Design agree deep brown can often be a wonderful choice for dark living rooms: ‘Don’t be scared to use dark colors in a small, gloomy room. It’s never going to look light, so choose a fab rich color and the effect can be truly transformative.’ 

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