Ariana Grande's minimalist home taps into a trending aesthetic that's unlikely to fall out of style – here's why

Soft neutrals and a touch of green ensure the modern home feels closer to nature – and tap into an ever-popular trend in process

Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande may be known for her affinity towards tulle and pink, but her living space is anything but frilly – in fact, it taps into the minimalist, nature-inspired design trend known as Japandi

The Japandi aesthetic is nothing new, but it's easy to see why the excitement surrounding this style is yet to waver. And, with (unintentional) endorsement from Ariana, we expect it will continue to shape how we decorate for seasons ahead. 

A photo on the pop star's Instagram shows off a minimal part of her home, featuring wood floors, white walls, and two black and white framed photographs hung up side by side. The piece that pulls it all together (and adds some color to the space) is a humble but leafy potted houseplant, bringing a dose of green into the space (AKA classic Japandi style).

'Japandi-style homes have a deep appreciation for nature, with sustainability at the forefront of design choices,' explains designer Anne Haimes. 'It also teaches us to approach our home as we would a capsule wardrobe, investing in pieces that will stand the test of time, making it one of the most eco-friendly interior design trends we’ve seen of late.'

A core element of Japandi is subtly, so while lush greenery for the home is incredibly popular (and tempting), smaller houseplants are the way to go to achieve this particular aesthetic.

'Opt for smaller, more minimalist plants with sparser stems and thin leaves to give your space a more sophisticated look,' she says. Anne suggests olive trees, ficus, and citrus trees as elegant yet homey options – or if you really want to tap into the Japanese origin, try miniature bonsai trees, bamboo in a large pot, or Japanese fern trees.

Anne Haimes
Anne Haimes

Interior designer Anne Haimes is the owner of her eponymous studio, working particularly around the south of England. A part of her studio also offers The Interior Concierge, a personal home shopping service that helps you find the perfect home decor and accessories for your home. 

Apart from plants, texture is a fantastic way to emphasize the natural sensibilities of Japandi; think statement furniture made of natural materials like bamboo, clay, stone, or wicker. The craftier, the better.

'These timeless pieces defy ‘fast’ trends, and although they may cost more upfront, they will give you a fantastic return on investment over time,' Anne says.

Finally, when it comes to color, less is more. 'It’s best to keep color palettes neutral to create a calm, clean, and relaxing environment,' Anne says. 'Off-whites, beiges, browns, greys, and blacks should form the base of your color palette.'

Color can be included, though Anne says it should be muted and primarily comprised of natural hues such as terracotta, sea green blue, and burnt amber as accents. 

We can start our own Japandi journey with a few product selections below. These picks will be sure to make our space feel clean and Zen. 

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