Blake Lively's bedding color is the secret to a peaceful sleep – say wellness specialists

We can snooze in style with these Blake and Ryan-approved neutral linens – here's the exact brand they use in their home

Blake Lively
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It's no secret that we're fans of Blake Lively's style – we already know that her penchant for great clothes transfers over to the rest of her interiors, but when we saw a photo of her all dressed up in her Tribeca apartment, we were immediately drawn to her bed. 

While the bedding is a bit disheveled (she was on her way to an event, after all), we couldn’t help but appreciate the neutral color palette the actor was working with. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but her chosen bedsheet colors improve sleep (seriously). 

According to sleep experts, beiges and warm cream bedding, just like the ones seen in Blake's space, can contribute to a peaceful night's sleep – and we shouldn't stop at linens when it comes to incorporating these colors in our bedroom.

According to Rachel Mitchell, CEO and Certified Sleep Specialist at My Sweet Sleeper, the best colors to promote healthy sleep are neutral colors and warm tones.

‘Studies have shown that certain colors exhibit specific emotions or feelings,’ she explains. ‘For example, certain shades of green can help you feel peaceful, while tones of red can promote feelings of anxiety.’ 

Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell is a certified maternity and pediatric sleep specialist, parent educator, and CEO of My Sweet Sleeper – created to offer parents the skills to provide their children the rest they need. In her decade-long career, Rachel has helped thousands of families achieve better sleep due to her distinct responsive and instinct-based approach.

She recommends implementing neutrals into our decor as well as paint colors. Top colors include neutral greys and blues, beige, off-white, medium and dark greens, and silver.

Another pro tip: mirror calm exteriors with your interior space. ‘When setting up your sleep space, it is best to think about colors that help you feel relaxed, such as colors that we see in nature,  and to avoid bright or fluorescent tones, especially when it comes to bedroom lighting.’ 

Lucky for us, Blake shouted out the exact bedding brands she uses in her Instagram post, including a linen duvet cover from The Citizenry and a sheet set from indie bedding company Morrow, both in earthy, comforting hues.  We have also handpicked some Blake and Ryan-esque selects below to help you achieve optimal snoozing and style. Sweet dreams! 

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