Exclusive: Bobby Berk's heartwarming reflection on his 'Queer Eye' legacy

The departing Fab Five member sat down with H&G to look back at his time on the show – and, of course, we're emotional

Bobby Berk
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This week, it was announced that Jeremiah Brent will be taking over Bobby Berk's former role as interior designer on Netflix's popular makeover show Queer Eye. 

Though we love Jeremiah and are excited about his upcoming projects, it's a bittersweet goodbye. Bobby has been there since the beginning with his impeccable taste and his Southern charm. Throughout his eight seasons of Queer Eye, the interior design maven has, again and again, demonstrated the power of design. From making Wesley Hamilton's home wheelchair accessible to the empowering makeover of fan-favorite Jess Guilbeaux's home, Bobby has made it his project to change lives. It's sad to see him go.

We could wax about the designer's Queer Eye home decor legacy, but luckily, you don't have to take it from us. In December, H&G interviewed Bobby. 

Queer eye

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It was right after the announcement that he was leaving the show before we knew anything about his replacement or what he was doing next. When asked about his design legacy, Bobby explained that he has a lot to be proud of. 

'I am proud of my design legacy on the show.' He continued, 'I think it was my goal to show people that design can really change your life and that design doesn't have to be fancy. Design can be accessible,' Bobby told H&G exclusively.

Through his numerous world-altering interior design tips and makeovers on the show, Bobby certainly did exactly this. In each episode, it was easy to see the participants standing taller in their own homes and taking ownership of their spaces. Furthermore, Bobby set out to show that decorating on a budget doesn't mean you can't create a fabulous space, a goal he feels he has accomplished. 

Throughout the show, Bobby emphasized how interior design can impact wellbeing. This is another part of his legacy that Bobby feels very proud of. He told us: 'Simply the act of organizing your home and making your home a safe space for you is really important for mental health. So I'm very proud of the legacy that I've been able to leave and showing people how important design really is.'

Making design accessible and beautiful while proving its power is no easy feat. After all of that, we're feeling pretty proud of Bobby too. 

We interviewed Bobby as part of his partnership with Spotify.

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