Bradley Cooper's bizarre bedroom layout rethinks conventions – and experts say it's a growing luxury trend

The Maestro actor has changed everything we knew about the bedroom, but we may be seeing more of this peculiar design

Bradley Cooper
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Before Bradley Cooper appeared on the Armchair Expert podcast, we thought we'd seen everything there is to know about bedroom design. However, the Oscar nominee has shared details of his unconventional layout that, despite its initial bizarreness, may shape how we decorate in the future.

The space in question is an open-plan bedroom and bathroom that aren't separated by walls or doors. 'The bathtub, the toilet, and the bed are all in the same room,' Bradley shared with the podcast host Dax Shepard. 'There’s no door to my bedroom. The stairs go up, and it’s all on one floor.'

The open-plan space emphasizes the actor's famously strong relationship with his family, including his 6-year-old daughter. 'We talk where I’m on the toilet, she’s in the bathtub,' he says. 'I didn't grow up that way. I don't think I ever saw my father on the toilet until he got sick.'

Though it sounds unconventional, we're increasingly convinced by the idea of bringing a freestanding tub into our sleep space. We've seen this bedroom layout occasionally before in boutique hotels, but Bradley has reminded us that it's just as luxurious in a domestic setting. And experts agree.

Bathtub in a bedoom

Bedroom layout similar to Bradley's

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'Baths in bedrooms have become a staple in the world of luxury hotels but this look can sometimes be considered too impractical for the home. Yet, as we’ve found in recent years, open plan is a great way to live, so why shouldn’t this be the case for master suites? There is, after all, something quite opulent and romantic about being able to get into the bath without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom,' comments Lee Reed, Head of Design at Easy Bathrooms

While this luxury bathroom feature may have previously felt somewhat out of reach beyond boutique hotels, Lee explains that the expansion of image-based social media means it's now a reality in an increasing number of homes, including Bradley Cooper's. 

'The look is one of aspiration, showcasing the beautiful freestanding bath at its best. The coziness of the bedroom makes it a place of relaxation and comfort, so placing a bath there only further enhances this,' he says.

Bathtub in a bedoom

Bedroom layout similar to Bradley's

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So, just how achievable is this bedroom trend? Lee explains how we will need to view our tub as an investment piece, as it's hard to create the desired look with a low to mid-market product. 'If you are going to have your bathtub as the star of the show in your bedroom, it's got to be a feature, make a statement, and have plenty of presence,' he adds.

'If privacy is an issue, consider a lock on the bedroom door rather than the ensuite. Also, consider window dressings in your space if the room is overlooked. Opaque blinds and voile curtains can create layers that allow the room to remain bright in the daytime but also offer privacy from the outside world.'

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