Brie Larson strategically uses plants to make a nature-inspired wall statement – with benefits beyond its aesthetic

The Captain Marvel star accessorized her minimal wall space with this designer-approved, natural decor pairing

(Image credit: Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The humble house plant is truly a workhorse. Not only do plants provide natural air purifying qualities and reduce stress, but they also just look beautiful alongside a variety of materials. We're partial to one in particular that aligns with plants' origin: we are of course talking about wood, the ultimate natural material.

For inspiration on this combo, we are looking to Brie Larson's Instagram page. The actor and star of Captain Marvel and Room has done up one of her walls with a round, wood-framed mirror, neatly surrounded by both dried and fresh green indoor plants. The mix of textures and colors makes for a serene space to check one's mug before leaving the house.

The concept of using plants as decor is a popular one, with design trends such as Japandi and organic modern utilizing natural greenery as a staple accessory. Experts say that implementing plants in the home can elevate existing natural details.

'Bring the outdoors inside by embracing nature in your design,' says Amber Shay, national design director at Meritage Homes. 'Incorporate colors, textures, plants, and wood accents for a touch of nature in your home. Plants are being used more and more as décor –they’re a great addition as they create a beautiful connection with nature inside your home and help to purify the air.'

The plants' counterpart, wood, is also an omnipresent material in the home, in no small part due to its versatility and durable nature.

'Wood is so adaptable and it can be used for a range of styles such as Scandinavian, rustic, contemporary and mid-century modern adding warmth and texture to any style,' says designer Artem Kropovinsky. 'Admire the beauty of wood and unite its tone and grain with other parts of the room to make a well-organized view. Light woods compliment minimalism; dark woods add to classical motifs.'

We love how the medium wood complements Larson's cream walls; adhering to the minimalist aesthetic.

Finally, consider juxtaposing these natural elements with some artifice for a modern design outcome.

'Incorporate greenery to accentuate woods liveliness, bringing a touch of nature that will go hand in hand with its attributes,' he suggests. 'Accent with metals and glass for contemporary feel, selecting brushed or satin finishes to avoid overpowering wood.'

Below, find some wood accessories and greenery to recreate Larson's calming wall look.

If you are looking for another interesting way to decorate with plants, we also recommend layering several plants at different heights. It's a particularly lovely way to bring life and interest to a white living room, where we can inject pockets of vibrancy naturally.

Hannah Ziegler
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