Brie Larson's monochromatic living room makes beige neutrals interesting again, designers say

The Canadian actress's interiors may be neutral, but they're anything but boring

brie larson
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Actress Brie Larson is beloved for her witty sense of humor and chic sense of style. 

The 21 Jump Street and Captain Marvel starlet took to Instagram to show off her acumen for decorating with neutrals and her space is just as cool as the actress herself. 

Brie Larson's neutral living room is a beige and tan paradise. The picture shows the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World star sipping green juice and wearing a lacy blue two-piece set in the middle of her couches, which face each other in the living room. Each sofa is a grayish beige, accented with a tan faux fur throw and tan throw pillows.

Brie's living room includes a tan, patterned carpet. The whole look is pulled together by exposed wood on the vertical wood beams and dark paneled wood ceiling. A natural wood coffee table further unites the style of the space.

Interior design experts love Brie Larson's use of warm neutrals in her living room. Julio Arco, interior designer and architect at Bark and Chase says, 'In my research, beige, which is often considered a calming, versatile color, has many benefits. One of its strengths is its ability to create an environment that promotes relaxation and comfort. Beige's neutral undertones mean it can seamlessly fit into most design schemes, providing a backdrop that subtly supports more vibrant colors or stands alone for a minimalist aesthetic.'

As for the darker tones in the room, Julio continues, 'Tan, on the other hand, is slightly deeper and can add warmth to a space without overwhelming it. Its richness can evoke feelings of coziness, making it perfect for spaces where relaxation or intimate gatherings might occur.' 

He adds 'In my experience, tan works especially well in areas with abundant natural light, as the sunlight enhances its warm undertones. When using tan, I'd suggest incorporating natural elements such as wood or stone to further bring out its earthy character.' Brie Larson's living room color scheme accomplishes these effects with large windows for natural light and wooden elements incorporated throughout.

Julio Arco
Julio Arco

Julio Arco has been practicing as an architect, interior designer, and online interior designer for the past several years in the United States. He holds a degree in Architecture from ITESM and a Master’s degree in Urban Design and Housing from McGill University. He is also a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).  

Adriana Schorr, Interior designer at Iconique Studio especially loves the way these neutral tones allow other colors to pop, evidenced by Brie's appearance in her bright blue ensemble. Adriana states, ' I love decorating with neutral tones as they are the perfect backdrop for any space.' She continues, 'They reflect light and create an ideal canvas to add texture, a splash of color, and personal touches that make the space unique.'

To avoid a look that falls flat, Adriana recommends integrating texture, as Brie has done in her space. The Paris-based designer says 'Neutrals are anything but boring! I tend to focus on the emotion and sensation that I am looking to create in any given space, which will then dictate how I decorate. Art, lighting, and statement pieces (such as an antique or vintage item) all help bring out those feelings I seek.'

adriana schorr of iconique design
Adriana Schor

Adriana Schor, who initially began her career in finance and real
estate development, is the founder of Iconique Studio, a Paris-based interior design studio. For more than fifteen years, Adriana has completed luxurious private residences, high-end hospitality, and commercial projects across continents. Having been raised between France and the United
States, Adriana has acquired a rich and diverse cultural education; her
worldly nature inspires and fuels her creativity. 

A chic and stylish beige living room idea is easy to formulate with Brie Larson's space as inspiration. Shop the neutral living room edit below for more guidance.

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