Chrissy Teigen’s tastefully decorated Beverly Hills family home is crystal clear on one interiors trend

Chrissy Teigen has shared a series of photos of her Beverly Hills home, combining warm-minimalism with curved furniture - a trend style experts are loving this season

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Model and television personality Chrissy Teigen has shared highly anticipated insight into her warm-minimalist California home, where she lives with singer-songwriter husband John Legend and three children. The much-adorned couple enlisted the help of interior designer Jake Arnold, who had previously worked with the couple respectively on various workspace projects, to help realize their vision of creating a family home that doesn’t shy away from showcasing their fun personalities.

Teigen, who is also the founder of Cravings, a recipe website dedicated to her passion for food and cooking, posted an Instagram carousel of photos of the home shot by photographer Yoshihiro Makino, and we’ve been obsessing over them ever since.  

We were immediately wowed by the images; the whole home has been considerately and carefully designed, resulting in a beautiful space that strikes a harmonious balance between being elegant and grown up, yet homely and unique to the family of five. 

Talking to Architectural Digest about the couple’s original ambitions for the home, John Legend explains: ‘We were attracted to this place because of its lightness and airiness. We love how open it feels, and how it’s so connected to the outdoors. We wanted to create something magical, especially for the kids.’

Teigen is renowned for her commitment to warm minimalism, a trend that takes a softer approach to minimalist design, so it’s no surprise that she has carried forth this trend into the new home. 

But there was one element in particular that stood out to us when intently admiring the photos, and that is the integration of one key trend this season: curved interior design.

The first image of the dining room on Teigen’s post introduces us to the curved furniture theme of the home, displaying a statement sculptural travertine dining table and rounded velvet chairs in a deep saffron color.

The theme continues seamlessly across the rest of the rooms shown, from the built-in matching saffron velvet sofa to the warm-toned marble breakfast bar, each piece rejects harsh rectangular shapes and instead presents shapely forms to please the eye. Smaller furnishings in the home commit to the trend too, such as the rounded bathroom mirror and pendant lights in various designs across the rooms. 

Interior export Melissa Read, creative director at Studio Burtwood weighs in on the design of the home: 'Moving away from ultra-modern and clean-lined aesthetics, curved furniture, accessories, and lighting instantly create a soothing ambiance. Curves have always been associated with calm, thanks to their biophilic properties.'

'In Chrissy Teigen's home, bespoke curved pieces are layered with hand-painted wallcoverings, soft textures, and an earthy color palette to create a harmonious space. This theme runs through into the architecture, highlighted by the curved walls.'

melissa read of burntwood studio
Melissa Read

Melissa Read attended the KLC School of Design in Chelsea before working at London's best-regarded interior design studios. She has worked with several private clients and property developers and designed flats in Chelsea, Belgravia, and Mayfair.

While sticking to one trend throughout an entire home can be limiting and result in a lack of interest, the curved furniture in the family home has been carefully styled in such a way that every room has its own unique feel, thanks to the experimentation with color and texture.

The trend stands out as a success by effortlessly tying together every room in the home and ensuring a feeling of familiarity is established, whilst the high-quality craft of the furniture elevates the space. As a modern building that naturally presents lots of rectangular edges, this is an incredibly clever way of offsetting any harsh lines to create an incredibly welcoming space.  

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