Chrissy Teigen's marble wall revitalizes a dated look with a refreshing spin in her living room

The space reinvents the accent wall as we know it – and designers love its natural, earth-inspired style

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Design trends come and go. According to most experts, the accent wall had certainly gone. Now, Chrissy Teigen is bringing it back. 

The model took to Instagram to share a photo in the living room she shares with her husband, John Legend. Aside from the warm neutral color palette, we first noticed her luxurious black marble accent wall. This living room wall feature instantly adds a cozy but glamorous feel to her space, and it's not gone unnoticed by designers. 

'I love a marble accent wall especially when a bold slab is used. It makes a statement while feeling natural and organic,' says Brianna Untener, principal interior designer at Brianna Scott Designs, who discussed the unconventional accent wall. 'Marble will visually add interest to any space, and when it's paired with soft elements like furniture, rugs, and drapery, you'll have the most stunning room.'

Brianna Untener
Brianna Untener

As a NCIDQ certified and trained designer with a background in both residential and commercial interiors, experience working for one of Interior Designs’ Top 100 Giants and a celebrity interior designer, Brianna is an expert in creating visually stunning yet functional spaces. Her design firm is based in NYC.

'The marble accent wall here is stunning,' sustainably focused interior designer Greg Roth. 'A highly activated, heavily-veined marble like this provides a great contrast to the neutral tones of the space’s main furnishing elements and finishes.'

Headshot of Greg Roth, Senior Interior Designer at CarbonShack
Greg Roth

Greg Roth has more than 20 years of experience in the worlds of architectural, graphic and interior design. After earning a Master of Architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Greg spent several years in commercial and hospitality architectural design before segueing to residential interiors.

Furthermore, the experts say the look is especially suited to a neutral living room, like Chrissy Teigen's, where it has several design benefits. Greg says, 'In this room, full of natural textures and materials – and a direct visual connection to the outdoors, via the expansive windows – the marble slab wall does a few important things.'

He continues, 'Not only does the use of marble provide a gorgeous decorative accent, but by adding to the variety of natural materiality in the space, it highlights a reverence for the natural world and the tremendous breadth and beauty of Mother Nature's awe-inspiring resources!'

Furthermore, due to its classic nature, this look is slated to become a popular interior design trend in 2024. Brianna says, 'I think this is a design feature that has stood the test of time and will continue to rise in popularity.' Expect to see more of Chrissy Teigen's timeless spin on the accent wall going forward.

Shop the Marble Edit

If an entire accent wall of marble feels like a bit much right now, start with a touch of marble in your space.

As the popularity of natural materials in homes continues to grow, marble remains one of the most luxurious and beautiful ways to celebrate the look, as evidenced by Chrissy Teigen's living room.

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