This retro furnishing is the foundation of Chrissy Teigen's patio – and experts say it deserves a place in our yard every year

As beautiful indoors as it is out, this versatile piece has a rare 'true staying power' that has already impressed for decades

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The question of longevity is important to consider for furniture in all areas, but arguably no more so than our exterior spaces. Whether it's our patio (in the case of Chrissy Teigen) or our porch or terrace, outdoor furniture has to withstand both evolving design trends and the elements. However, there is one material that consistently lives up to both, and it comes in the shape of rattan.

Every year, we see countless celebrities embrace rattan around their indoor and outdoor spaces, but Teigen's neutral-hued pieces are our current favorite. Pictured on the patio of her LA home, the model reminded us why rattan (and wicker in all forms) transcends outdoor furniture trends – bringing this retro aesthetic to life in a wholly modern space.

Teigen's patio, like her entire home (designed by H&G favorite Jake Arnold), epitomizes contemporary style – from its sleek slab pavings to the striped wooden door. However, this century-old furniture doesn't feel out of place. According to Daniel Bland, an artist and gilder from Bland Design Ltd, rattan's timelessness comes down to its organic aesthetic – something that appeals to homeowners now more than ever.

'Now more than ever, homeowners are gravitating towards handmade products that offer a natural element to the space's décor. While it boomed in popularity for the last two years, rattan still promotes a sense of natural, sustainable living given its durability and hand-crafted look,' Bland explains.

Rattan first came into fashion in the 20s and 30s when it was first used in Hollywood movies, and its popularity only increased in the 60s and 70s – meaning there are lots of pieces original pieces still available for us to purchase. Decorating with antiques allows us to bring well-made, historic pieces a new belonging – and rattan, like Chrissy's, is the pefect starting point.

'As well as careful consideration in terms of color and pattern, furniture placement can really help to transform a space. Buying vintage furniture or taking your favorite on-trend items and giving them a new lease of life in a different space within your home is a sustainable option when it comes to decorating your home,' Bland says.

with white walls and blue cushions

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Another reason rattan is so loved is its versatility. At this point in the calendar, outdoor furniture may be at the top of our radar, but pieces like Teigen's look just as good indoors.

'The key to ensuring your rattan furniture has real staying power is to consider moving it and placing it in a forgotten nook or different space within your home with complimentary textiles and contrasting colors. For example, if you have a neutral rattan dresser that you are starting to tire of, why not add a gold or black edging to give it a fresh appeal?' Bland says.

'If you bought into the oversized rattan statement chair and it has started to look dated and is unused, it could be taken outdoors in the summer months to create a stunning reading area in a shady spot in your garden or on the patio. Simply drape with throws and place upon a modern outdoor rug.'

As mentioned, investing in antique rattan is a beautiful way to tap into this eternal trend. However, we're also loving these pieces for an instant patio upgrade.

Megan Slack
Head of Celebrity Style News

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