This rose gold furnishing is the focal point of Claudia Schiffer's living room – and it celebrates 2024's happiest design trend

The model utilizes statement furniture to brighten up her living space, aligning with the highly-popular, mood-boosting interior movement

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A statement sofa is one of the most popular ways to infuse a space with color. Naturally, colorful couches are staples within the dopamine decor trend, which favors vibrant hues and mood-boosting accessories. Claudia Schiffer, who is no stranger to the interior design world (the actor has her own line of pieces with beloved ceramicist Bordallo Pinheiro), has given her own spin on the trend.

The Argylle and Love Actually star recently shared a photo of her living space on her Instagram page, and we adored her lush, rose gold sofa, accented by butterfly dishes from her Bordalla Pinheiro collection on the coffee table, as well as a large, abstract art piece hanging on the wall. The fusion of colors, materials, and shapes make for a visually appealing, yet refined, living area.

Even for those with mainly neutral spaces, dopamine decor can be modified to suit one's own color preferences, and experts say that furniture is one of the key ways to incorporate such bold accents.

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'Forget matching sets; dopamine decor embraces variety,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'Choose furniture pieces that make a statement on their own. A brightly colored velvet sofa, a retro-inspired armchair, or a quirky coffee table can all serve as focal points.'

We love how Schiffer took a shade that has been trending for well over a year via Barbiecore, and has made it feel more mature thanks to the mauve-ish hue and velvet finish of the sofa – another key element of the dopamine decor trend.

'Mix textures to add depth and interest to your space,' Lichtenstein suggests. 'A velvet sofa, a shaggy rug, and metallic accents can complement each other while contributing to the overall sensory experience.'

While dopamine decor certainly encourages experimentation and bold accessories, Lichtenstein says that quality over quantity still applies so as not to overwhelm a space.

'Select one or two bold statement pieces as the focal points of your space,' she says. 'This could be a brightly colored sofa, an oversized piece of artwork, or a unique piece of furniture. Build the rest of your decor around these pieces to ensure a cohesive look.'

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Below, we have rounded up some dopamine decor-worthy living room pieces that are bound to brighten any space. We particularly love the sofa that's totally Schiffer-inspired.

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