Courteney Cox’s Malibu kitchen masters clean minimalism – and experts approve

Actress Courteney Cox shares a glimpse into her California home and proves that minimal design can be just as effective in the kitchen

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The former Friends star, most known for starring as Monica Geller in the hit sitcom series, Courtney Cox is now a keen lover of interiors, launching her own homecare brand Homecourt last year which sells luxury cleaning and household products infused with skincare-grade ingredients.  

The actor regularly takes to Instagram to share content about the sophisticated brand, as well as sharing new product launches with her impressive 12.8 million followings.

One of her recent posts has grabbed our attention, which she used to announce Homecourt’s new limited-edition Mandarin Basile collection. The photo, below, shows Cox in the foreground with the new product launches displayed on the countertops. But it’s the background of the image that we’re fascinated by: a glimpse into the star’s kitchen interior design choices.

Shown in the background are floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage cabinets, wrapping around two of the walls. The wood is light in color and slightly warm-toned, designed very minimally with no obvious handles or other features on the door fronts.

The cabinets nod to Japanese-inspired design, taking reference from the country’s calming style carried out by using natural materials and clean lines. Opting for a light-colored wood such as this can brighten up a space, and prevent large furniture items from feeling imposing or overpowering in a space. 

The minimalist kitchen design and neutral color of the cabinets make a good choice for future-proofing the room: whilst some color trends for kitchen cabinets will quickly date, opting instead for a pared-back wood is timeless and steers clear from being too trend-driven. This approach allows you to be experimental with other elements of the kitchen as the cabinets will pair well with bolder features, thanks to their inoffensive design. 

Built-in furniture such as the cabinets in Cox’s home is also a very practical choice: their custom design ensures storage space is fully maximized to best suit the room. Utilizing the space up to the ceiling, which can often be left redundant, is a smart solution, especially for smaller homes that need to exploit all available space. 

Tony Elliott, owner of Roseville Kitchen & Bath, agrees: 'Minimal and understated kitchen cabinets offer a sleek and sophisticated look. Their timeless appeal, combined with the practicality of hidden storage solutions and specialized organizers, ensures easy maintenance and a contemporary allure for any kitchen.'

Tony Elliott

California-based Roseville Kitchen and Bath was founded in 2007, providing expert kitchen and bathroom renovation and remodelling solutions for the home.

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