Dakota Fanning's brightly colored sofa adds 'vitality' and 'feminine energy' to her cool-toned living room

The actress's sofa is bright and cheery, bringing a playful pop to her living room –here's why designers stand by this shade

dakota fanning
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In the immortal words of Lilly Pulitzer, 'anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.' The timeless and endlessly versatile shade works its magic again in Dakota Fanning's living room.

Images of the actress's living room, shared by her sister Elle, show how she has styled two bright pink velvet couches on either side of a quartz fireplace. They compliment the neutral carpet, blue-gray walls, and metallic gold finishes while adding an element of playfulness to the otherwise subtle space. 

So, how can following Dakota's lead impact our space? Interior designers agree that brightly colored living room seating has benefits for aesthetics, mood, and comfort, as Amanda Scotto, Principal Designer at AMA Designs, explains.

'The colors in our home impact how we feel both consciously and subconsciously,' Amanda says. 'Through design psychology techniques, different shades of pink can evoke a sense of calm, passion, self-love, and feminity.'

Amanda Scotto of AMA designs
Amanda Scotto

Amanda Scotto has a decade of industry experience. She is a certified Design Psychology Specialist and Feng Shui Specialist. Her design technique combines intentionality, functionality, and the client’s personality to create an environment that elevates their living space and headspace.

Cyble Rizwan, Seattle-based Interior Designer at Persimmon Design adds: 'A pink sofa can infuse a living room with a delightful burst of color and energy. Pink is associated with positivity and vibrancy, so it can instantly lift the mood of a space. When strategically placed in a living room, it becomes a focal point that draws the eye and adds a sense of brightness.' Decorating with pink is wonderful for look and psychology of the home.

Cyble Rizwan
Cyble Rizwan

Cyble Rizwan works at Persimmon Design, a Seattle-based design firm with a focus on creative freedom and sustainability. She works closely with founder, Anu, who holds an architecture degree from India and an interior design degree from Seattle.

Dakota's living room sofa is especially effective against her coo, blue-gray walls.  Amanda says, 'When using a bright pink sofa in a gray room, the boldness adds vitality and feminine energy to a rather mellow wall color.' She continues, 'When a pale pink is introduced in a gray room, the muted color promotes tranquility and passion.'

Cyble adds, 'The use of pink is particularly effective in rooms with neutral or muted color palettes, as the pink sofa acts as a vibrant counterpoint. It also reflects light in a flattering way, making the room appear more luminous.'

Finally, interior designers say that the velvet material of Dakota's pink sofa adds a sense of luxury to her cozy living room. Amanda says, 'The benefits of velvet over other sofa materials is that it adds elegance to any space, and the threads cannot pull.'

Cyble continues, 'Velvet sofas have a unique allure. First, they exude luxury and comfort. The tactile sensation of velvet is irresistibly soft and plush, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room.' Further, she says velvet 'has a way of catching and reflecting light, which adds a touch of opulence to your space. It's a material that ages gracefully, developing a beautiful patina over time.'

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This beautiful, timeless color can add fun and elegance to any space. In Dakota Fanning's living room, pink takes center stage for a warm, dramatic, and luxurious finish.

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