Demi Moore uses a stunning paint alternative to bring inviting energy to the exterior of her home – experts say it's trending for 2024

The exterior of the actress's home is a modern masterpiece – and experts say it's due to this natural material

Demi Moore
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The exterior of a home is important. It makes a first impression before one even enters the house. Further, it provides functional benefits for insulation and weather resistance. Demi Moore's modern home exterior honors this importance by balancing beauty and purpose.

The actress's modern home is clad with stained natural wood. The wood is aligned horizontally across the house with space in between, creating a spare, almost Scandinavian look. The warm, golden shade of the wood contrasts perfectly with the greenery surrounding the home and the cooler, gray, unfinished tone of the wood on the patio. Overall, the natural stained wood exterior on Demi Moore's home is a great alternative to paint, offering both aesthetic and practical benefits.

First, the exterior cladding is immediately visually striking. It's warm, inviting, and brings an immediate sense of contemporaneity to the home. Carmen Larach, Principal Designer at Charles Diehl Architects, tells Homes & Gardens: 'It gives the exterior a lot of elegance, depth, and gravity, which other materials such as stone or paint cannot achieve. And it’s a natural beauty on its own.'

carmen larach of charles diehl arcitect on a white background
Carmen Larach

Carmen Larach is the Principal Designer at Charles Diehl Architect LLC, a full-service architect firm located in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. She has extensive experience with residential and commercial design projects with styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern.

Even more important, the wooden exterior choice on Moore's home goes beyond aesthetics; it helps the home to function better. Larach says: 'One of the benefits is its durability, which, with the proper maintenance, can withstand weathering better than paint or any other material. It’s an eco-friendly option as it doesn’t emit any pollutants during the manufacturing process. Wood is biodegradable and can be considered a renewable material. Natural wood also offers excellent thermal insulation, minimizing heat loss, which makes the house more energy efficient.'

Furthermore, it is predicted that the look of Demi Moore's home will dominate exterior paint trends in 2024. 'We are actually seeing stained wood on the exteriors of modern homes more and more,' observes Niki O'Brien, exterior designer at Custom Exteriors LLC. She continues, 'Whether it is an accent wall or more widespread, as was shown in Moore's example. It is often paired with a matte black paint, although we have also seen it paired with a white body and black trim. Both looks are very sleek and modern. We love it and can see that it is becoming a trend.'

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If you are not able to install wood paneling on the entire exterior of your house, it's easy to incorporate the natural material into your living room in more subtle ways for a similar, elegant, and inviting effect. Touches like a teak chair, jute rug, and decorative wooden bowl bring a similar warmth.

Demi Moore's home is the perfect inspiration for what a house without a painted exterior might look like. The effect is modern and striking, but its benefits do not stop there. The look embodies the intersection of beauty and function.

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