Dolly Parton's minimalist kitchen cabinetry masters a hue with the ability to transcend design trends

The country superstar favors neutrals in the culinary space, and it comes with approval from the top

Dolly Parton
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Dolly Parton's own style may bring to mind bright pops of color, glitter, and plenty of rhinestones, but when it comes to her interiors, she prefers to keep her surroundings a little more low-key.

The always fabulously-dressed singer recently posted a video promoting her Duncan Hines baking collection, and we couldn't help but admire the grey cabinetry in the simple yet chic gray kitchen

Increasingly used on kitchen cabinets for their versatility and calming properties, experts say that gray paint surpasses trends and creates a
modern ambiance. And with Dolly's (unintentional) endorsement, we're not surprised this hue has the power to transcend design trends. 

Like its similar neutral counterparts (think cream and beige), gray continues to impress kitchen designers, but what makes it so timeless? 

'Decorating with neutrals can achieve the perfect balance of light and space in the kitchen,' says kitchen designer Tom Howley. 'Two of our most popular shades are Tansy [gray] and Sorrel. Beautifully understated and timeless; they form truly stunning kitchens enhancing architectural interest, all without the need for bold color,' Tom says.

Tom Howley
Tom Howley

Tom Howley founded the luxury British kitchen brand in 2004. With showrooms across the country, Tom Howley specialize in fitting beautiful, bespoke kitchen designs crafted from the finest materials.

The light gray in Dolly's kitchen verges on white, but its subtle difference gives the kitchen's color palette more dimension, as it complements the white decals and metallic hardware on the cabinets and sinks.

'Tansy is more of a mid-tone gray white; [it] pairs perfectly with so many of our other colors but also stands alone by itself,' Tom says of his company's own hue. 'In a smaller kitchen space, this color can be styled with white walls and wood texture to create a cozy kitchen which feels homely and stylish.'

Dolly's version of the gray kitchen includes pink dishes, flowers and plants, and hanging floral china, all of which add just the right amount of complementary color and vibrancy to the muted, peaceful space. Its superpower as a neutral is matching with pretty much any other color, so accessorizing is highly encouraged.

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