Grey kitchen ideas for timeless, classic schemes

 Grey kitchen units can transform a kitchen design, adding character, individuality and a timeless elegance.

Grey is still very much the neutral of the moment and looks smart and crisp paired with white but can still benefit from a little extra colour.

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If you hold together a fan of grey paint charts, you’ll see how widely the tones vary. The cool end of the spectrum has blue undertones, passing through tints of green and yellow, ending up at warm shades with red bases that give them brown, pink or purple tints.

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‘Grey kitchens will always be popular, but where it gets interesting is how the popular grey tones support the trend for smoked and treated wooden finishes. Different types of grey will bring out the richness of smoked oak or walnut. Using these treated woods as internal accents within your cabinetry (like drawers or shelves, for example) will add another level of luxury. Imagine opening your matte grey double pantry to shelves and drawers and spice racks in an elegant wooden finish,’ says Tom Howley, Design Director, Tom Howley.