Drew Barrymore's 'effortless' new coffee maker is (almost) too beautiful to be practical

The latest installment in Drew's Beautiful homeware line comes in the form of a simple, sustainable, single-serve maker

Drew Barrymore
(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew/Walmart)

Drew Barrymore is known for her many business endeavors, along with her high energy levels (let's be honest, no one is doing talk shows like she is). Now, she's merging her knack for interiors with her love of caffeine: the latest installment of her Beautiful by Drew homeware line comes in the form of a coffee maker with cult-favorite potential.

Since Beautiful's inception in 2021, the actor has released a slew of products, from glassware and cutlery to furniture – including an H&G-approved accent chair. While there is an overwhelming assortment of coffee makers on the market to choose from, the Perfect Grind is an all-in-one option that works well for both the coffee connoisseur and the casual, at-home drinker looking for an upgrade.

Beautiful by Drew

(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew)

Laura Honey, Homes & Gardens' eCommerce editor (and former barista), says that the machine is an excellent option in a highly saturated landscape. 

'Since everyone has started making gourmet coffee at home, there have been loads more automatic coffee makers on the market,' she says.  

'Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful Single Serve Coffee Maker is one of those effortless, specialty machines that are great to have in the kitchen. It covers brewing both hot and iced coffee. Plus, whether you choose whole-bean or pre-ground coffee, it does everything for you. It’s actually hard to make a coffee that isn’t perfect when a machine can do all that for you.' 

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Laura Honey

Laura is our eCommerce editor. Before Homes & Gardens she studied English at Oxford University. Alongside her studies, she qualified as a barista and trained as a master perfumer. This makes her our certified expert for all things coffee, candles, and fragrance. Laura has worked for luxury retail brands, reinforcing the importance of quality and style over quantity and fads. She looks for products which have been designed with thoughtful finishes. The secret to her heart is simplicity in products, in style and, of course, in your homes and gardens.  

Some additional highlights include its 16-cup capacity for mass brewing, the programmable setting for scheduling tomorrow's fresh brews, and an easy-to-use, touch-activated display.

As well as being highly adaptable to your coffee preferences, the Perfect Grind comes in four different colors (Black Sesame, Cornflower Blue, Sage Green, and White Icing) and is eco-friendly for the planet, naturally. 

'Perhaps the most important thing to note is that it’s free from traditional pods, so it helps cut back on your non-recyclable waste too,' Laura notes.

And why should we stop at her coffee maker? Drew's air fryer is also available via Walmart below.

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Beautiful 6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer |was $79.00, now $69.00 at Walmart
This 1,700-watt air fryer may be small, but it is beautiful and undeniably powerful. Created from stainless steel, it provides faster heat-up and cool-down times – making fried food faster (and healthier) than ever. 

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