Drew Barrymore uses this clever cleaning tool to keep her home pet-hair free – and it's quietly reduced on Amazon now

Barrymore, nicknamed 'Dr. Drew-little,' is a pro at keeping pet hair at bay – her success starts with this tool (and it's reduced right now)

(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew)

We may know Drew Barrymore as an actress, producer, and talk show host – but to those acquainted with her personally, she's nicknamed 'Dr. Drew-little,' – a label that makes more sense when you consider her number of pet children.

Barrymore's family comprises two dogs, four cats, a bearded dragon, a fish, and a snake named Cecil (with the 'c' reportedly pronounced like a hard 's' as a snake would hiss). With such a crew to keep her company, it's inevitable that even Barrymore is not immune from the small perils of pet ownership, including cleaning litter and knowing how to remove pet hair from fabric. The latter, however, is made simpler with a tool that Barrymore first endorsed back in 2022 – and two years later, it's still one of the most efficient appliances for the job.

According to Barrymore's 'Little Yellow Book,' the ChomChom lint roller works 'like magic' on various surfaces – whether we're tackling 'furniture, upholstery, blankets, and other items riddled with fur.' Sofas and carpets are notorious for collecting pet hair, but in the Barrymore household, she confesses there may even be residue in the bedroom.

There’s just this like, unspoken relationship that you have this connection, this constant companion, this love that is just so profound,” Barrymore said. “My dogs sleep in my bed with me, and so do my cats, and it makes me feel like a whole human being,' Barrymore shared in an interview with CNN.

'It’s funny because I won’t sleep with my friends...I’m weird about sharing a bed, but with my kids and animals, I’m like, ‘Come on, let’s do this.'

Thankfully for Barrymore, the Chom Chom Roller makes cleaning her bedroom simple. As per the instructions, she just needs to roll the cleaner back and forth along her chosen surface to trap fur and lint into the built-in receptacle. When she's finished, she can simply empty the fur at the touch of a release button.

In true Barrymore style, we can also use the roller to clean her viral 'Drew Chair,' as seen in the Charcoal colorway in the footage above. It's available in a range of colors via Walmart now.

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