Drew Barrymore uses this expert-approved wall art trick to make a subtle statement in her kitchen

The actress adds a unique touch to her turquoise space with a wood-framed piece that's seamlessly easy to replicate

Drew Barrymore in a chic kitchen holding a Beautiful Pan filld with vegetables
(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew Barrymore)

Wall art tends to be commonplace in select rooms: hung in communal living spaces, along hallways, and in private bedrooms, framed prints can bring texture and visual interest to a space. Although pots and pans are typically the items hanging in kitchens, wall art can elevate a culinary space, whether it's minimal and modern or vibrant and playful.

An expert in brightening up rooms, Drew Barrymore is on board the wall art in the kitchen trend. The actor and Drew Barrymore Show host recently posted a video of her kitchen on her Instagram page, and we were immediately drawn to the small, framed portrait hanging above her oven. The dark wood frame and brown tones of the piece beautifully contrast the turquoise-painted walls and light wood countertops.

While Drew has opted for a moodier, antique piece, experts say that our choice in kitchen art ultimately depends on personal taste.

'Some people like to have pictures of food, whether it's growing, being cooked or eaten, but any subject that makes you happy works in the kitchen,' designer Kevin Caron states. 'And that's the secret wherever you place art: it should be something you like, that evokes feelings for you.'

Kevin Caron
Kevin Caron

Known for his swooping, towering and often confounding creations, artist Kevin Caron's inspired sculpture can be seen in public and private places from U.S. coast to coast, in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Bahamas and other countries as well as online at http://www.kevincaron.com The 2018 Phoenix Mayor's Visual Artist of the Year, Kevin and his artwork were featured in a national ABC TV 20/20 special. His more than 60 commissions include his monumental sculpture Top Knot for the Surprise, Arizona, Civic Center Plaza. His monumental sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are was purchased and now stands in front of Whitaker Museum for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In addition to his metal works, Caron is a pioneer in creating 3D-printed sculptures as large as 5-1/2 feet tall.

The beauty of kitchen wall art is that practically any color scheme works with existing palettes; however, Caron says that placement is key to ensuring the pieces are preserved. Decorating with art is one of the quickest ways to elevate our cooking space, but naturally, it comes with challenges that aren't as much of an issue in other rooms of the home. 

'It's wonderful if the colors work with your kitchen decor, but a contrast can be great, too,' Caron says. 'Just make sure that you have glass to protect two-dimensional art and any sculpture is easily cleanable, especially if you're an enthusiastic cook like me!'

Corner of a kitchen with portrait artwork, high shelf with jugs, light wood wall, black stone countertops, kitchenware, ornaments in natural, neutral color palette on counter

(Image credit: Future)

From a technical standpoint, it is crucial to think about the symmetry of the space. Hanging prints at eye level is the general rule of thumb, but modifications may be necessary depending on how many pieces are being hung.

'One strategy is to hang a single large piece of art on a wall that is otherwise empty,' says Dendo Design's Denisa Melusova. 'Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall by hanging several smaller pieces of art in a symmetrical arrangement. This can be a great way to add visual interest and texture to the room.'

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