Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson's new home taps into the ever-fashionable 'Scandinavian rustic' trend

The newly engaged couple has made their home modern and warm by utilizing a white and wood palette that experts love

Ed Westwick
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Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson may be newly engaged, but the couple has started building their life together over the last nine months via a commitment almost as ceremonious as a ring – a home renovation.

The model posted a TikTok video detailing her and the Gossip Girl star's house refurbishment, which included tearing out floors and ceilings and painting over dated brick to create a warm, modern, Scandinavian Rustic home.

Using a base of light neutrals like cream and beige, soft curves, and gentle woods, the Scandi-inspired style is quickly becoming a designer favorite for its elegant simplicity and practicality. And after a look inside Ed and Amy's house, its enduring-appeal isn't up for debate.


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'The Scandinavian Rustic trend has become all the more popular in recent months,' says Color and Co's Founder Sofie Flachs Melson. 'The combination of different textures and natural materials, blended with the minimalist appeal of Scandinavian design, makes for a characterful and appealing interior.'

Sofie Flachs Melson
Sofie Flachs Melson

Sofie has a background in Graphic Design, where she worked as an Art Director primarily in the magazine business. Interior design has always been one of her top interests, and she continues to design the new blinds with her sister.

Everyday objects such as blinds or lamps can be utilized to fit into the Scandinavian Modern Rustic style if carefully chosen; natural materials such as rattan and bamboo make excellent picks to both warm up and neutralize a space. Texture is key.

'When these different elements are incorporated into one, a sense of flow and tranquillity is achieved - resulting in a calming and timeless look that will see you through the years.'

We love Ed and Amy's take on the trend, which places an emphasis on wood accents. From the smooth piano to the framed wall mirrors, the natural details complement the wood floors and neutral colors that make up most of the furniture, while the crystal chandelier in the dining area adds a touch of glamour to the space.

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The style is a perfect blend of modern and cozy, and it's certainly one we can get behind. Try out some Scandinavian Rustic-inspired pieces below.

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