Elizabeth Banks' kitchen walls are risky, but designers are in love with this unconventional design

You don't often see this type of wall in a kitchen, but the Hunger Games actress makes it work

Elizabeth Banks
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Would you use wallpaper on your kitchen walls? Elizabeth Banks, Pitch Perfect director and Power Rangers star, answers with a resounding 'yes.' 

The Cocaine Bear Producer took to Instagram to share a silly video about parenting, revealing the gray, blue, and white geometric patterned wallpaper in her kitchen in the process. Though this kitchen decor idea is unexpected, Elizabeth Banks' boldness in design pays off.

Interior designers love Elizabeth's unique kitchen wall idea. 'While we can get somewhat creative with the cabinet finish or appliance finish in a kitchen, beyond that, there are only so many ways to make your kitchen pop and carry your personal vibe and aesthetic,' says Jolynn Hansen, Las Vegas-based interior designer and founder of Lofty Designs LLC

jolynn hansen lofty design llc
Jolynn Hansen

Jolynn Hansen is an Interior Designer based in Las Vegas, NV. Founder and CEO of Lofty Designs, LLC, she serves the luxury residential market both locally and across the United States. When she is not designing the next big project, Jolynn enjoys camping with her husband and two dogs, playing card games, and reading mystery books.

She continues, 'This is where wallpaper offers amazing benefits. You can use it to bring in vibrant colors and add some texture to the space. Patterned wallpapers can be a really great way to infuse your personality into your kitchen, aka the central operation of your home.'

California-based interior designer Reya Duenas adds, 'Patterned Wallpaper is a good alternative to a tile backsplash, especially if you want something that's really trendy or boldly patterned because it is easier to apply and remove than a tile or stone backsplash.' 

Reya further states: 'Wallpaper is typically a less expensive material with a cheaper installation.' Our list of wallpaper trends goes over this year's most current styles more in-depth, in case you are eager to adopt this look.

reya duenas of reya duenas design
Reya Duenas

Reya Duenas is the principal designer at Reya Duenas Design in Los Angeles and Orange Counter California. She has worked in design for over 10 years and is a 2022 ASID Gold Award Winner. Reya received her MA in Interior Design from the New England School of Art & Design.

Despite their love for the beauty of wallpaper in Elizabeth Banks' kitchen, the experts caution that there are a few risks with this type of design. Interior designer Jolynn Hansen says first, 'Depending on the style of wallpaper used, it could look more dated down the road. That said, there are so many amazing and fun options on the market today that will stand the test of time.'

Furthermore, it is important to consider practical factors and choose a wallpaper that will not be damaged in the kitchen. Reya says. 'Certain types of wallpapers can not and should not be used. They will deteriorate or stain due to the materials' contents. I'd advise using a designer for the best recommendations, especially when selecting a wallcovering for any Kitchen or Bathroom areas.'

Jolynn adds, 'You'll want to ensure the material is chosen correctly. If the wallpaper is going on a wall behind a dining banquette, you're fine with just about anything. However, if the wallpaper is going on an island, behind a sink, etc, you want to ensure the material is chosen appropriately for ease of cleaning.'

If you're sold on the idea, shop for a similar wallpaper to Elizabeth Banks's gray, brown, and white geometric paper below and browse our list of wallpaper ideas for more inspiration. 

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