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12 wallpaper trends to have on your radar in 2024

These 2024 wallpaper trends embrace color, pattern, and eclectic style

Wallpaper trends 2024
(Image credit: Sasha Bikoff/Isabel Ladd & Katie Charlotte/House of Hackney)

If you’re redecorating this year, look no further than these wallpaper trends dominating 2024. Every year, different designs have their moment, but this year’s horde proves eclectic style is making its mark.

Interior design trends come and go, but as people's tastes lean into lived-in style with sustainability in mind, these wallpaper ideas are expected to endure. Whether you’re looking for something busy and maximalist or simply want to add layered texture to a scheme, the right wallpaper can completely elevate your design.

From floral murals and botanical repeats to stripes and decorating the fifth wall, these designer-approved wallpaper trends for 2024 will make choosing a design much easier.

Wallpaper is an easy and effective way to inject personality and interest into a scheme, and these trends for 2024 are set to endure. Whether you’re a maximalist looking for the perfect pattern or simply want to create a calming and tranquil space, these wallpaper trends tick every box. 

1. Flora and fauna prints

Office with flora and fauna wallpaper

(Image credit: LP & Co/Angela Newton Roy Photography)

A wallpaper trend that proves an enduring style, designs depicting flora and fauna are set to be a popular choice this year. Opt for bold colors and busy designs for a statement scheme.

‘I think the pairing of flora and fauna will continue to be big in 2024. It creates whimsicality and brings the outdoors inside, and when the tones are dark, it adds a ton of drama to a space,’ says Liz Potarazu, CEO and principal designer at LP & Co

‘Because flora and fauna-themed wallpaper can be bold and busy, pair it with coordinating colors or earth-toned moldings. Keep the furnishings and colors simple so the paper can pop,’ she suggests.

2. Designs in earth tones

Living room wallpaper in earthy colors

(Image credit: House of Hackney)

Wallpaper trends aren’t just about the patterns and prints but also the color. This year, the trend for paints in earthy tones will carry over to wallpaper, with these new neutral and muted hues being the go-to when choosing a wallpaper, whatever the design.

‘Earth tones, in particular browns and greens, are having a moment currently with people wanting to bring the outside into their homes. These tones are a great way to achieve a comforting and restful environment in your home,’ says Chloe Vince, decorating consultancy sales executive at House of Hackney.

From soothing greens to warm brown hues, these hues will introduce a sense of tranquility and a nod to the outside – whether you opt for a botanical print or a scenic mural, these colors transcend styles.

3. Scenic wall murals

Wallpaper mural in a bedroom

(Image credit: Sasha Bikoff)

Wallpaper murals are nothing new, but they’re experiencing a particular resurgence this year. With the versatility to work in many interior design styles, wallpaper murals can be adapted to work in plenty of schemes.

‘One of the wallpaper trends for 2024 will be scenic murals. They are transformative and offer more visual interest and special moments than your typical repeat patterns,’ says interior designer Sasha Bikoff.

Mural wallpapers tend to be large-scale, so they typically work best in larger rooms, depending on the design chosen. ‘Murals, particularly landscape scenes, can work really well in bedrooms. They are large scale and dramatic, yet restful and romantic,’ adds interior designer Matthew Williamson.

4. Maximalist designs

Hallway decorated with a maximalist wallpaper

(Image credit: Isabel Ladd/Katie Charlotte)

2024 is proving to be the year of bold and eclectic, so it comes as no surprise that maximalism is a big wallpaper trend this year. Bright, busy designs add an abundance of personality to a space and can add a playful design element.

Maximalism is big right now, but I expect this to be an aesthetic that - though some may consider it trending – I sincerely believe will surpass any time frame and truly become a lifestyle many people embrace. Maximalism reflects the person who lives there; it's about being unique and showcasing your aesthetics and the electric energy you want your space to radiate,’ says interior designer Isabel Ladd.

‘More than paint or textiles alone, wallpaper is the most direct, most visual, most dramatic way to achieve this aesthetic. A maximalist wallpaper is the ultimate, most confident way to convey: This is Me. This is what brings me joy. This is my space, and I make the rules,’ she adds. 

5. Ferns and birds

Morris 7 Co bird wallpaper in a bedroom nook

(Image credit: Lulu and Georgia/Morris & Co)

If classic florals aren’t much your style, this year’s trend for wallpaper depicting ferns and birds is a fun alternative while retaining a sense of timelessness. Designs of this style vary from classic designs to more abstract and bold creations, so you can really tailor your wallpaper to your desired aesthetic. 

‘I’m very much about bringing in the outdoors with lovely ferns greens and parrots. Anything botanical I’m there! Grasscloth is another staple in my interiors as they are timeless and add charm, interest, and warmth to any space,’ says interior designer Nina Litchfield.

Where you add this style of wallpaper really depends on your home and your tastes. ‘Some people are more open to colors and wallpapers, while others want things more muted and toned down. A true classic is the guest loo! It offers a great opportunity for my clients to feel brave to go a little wilder than usual,’ she adds.

6. Exaggerated pattern scales

bedroom with floral, william morris wallpaper on walls and ceiling, finished with accents of red paint, maximalist bedroom decor

(Image credit: Archive by Sanderson Design)

This year, wallpaper trends are embracing patterns in statement scales – either go oversized or minuscule for a stylish design. These contrasting scales work well in certain rooms – a large pattern in a living room can be the starting point for a pattern-drenched scheme, while a small, ditsy print can add character to smaller rooms without overwhelming the space.

‘When using wallpaper, I would either go super-sized and mural-like or use a tiny micro-pattern print. It’s the middle ground pattern scales that now feel a little dated. I’m also enjoying hand painting walls for a one-of-a-kind quality,’ explains Matthew.

‘I love to use wallpaper with small repeating patterns in washrooms, as these tend to consume quite small spaces and add a certain curiosity and busy charm to a compact room,’ he adds.

7. Classic stripes

Light and dark pink striped wallpaper, white bobbin style mirror, artwork, white paneling, wooden side table, looking through to room with green and blue patterned blind

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Decorating with stripes will always establish a timeless look, however, this year we are seeing a resurgence in classic, simple patterns in wallpaper trends. Rather than busy abstract designs, opt for a design that feels elegant yet impactful.

'Stripes have a rich history and go beyond trends within interiors and fashion alike. For 2024, especially, consumers are more considered and conscious of how and where they shop, as well as what they purchase – opting for a more sustainable approach and investing in quality, timeless design pieces.  As a result, stripes will continue to grow in popularity and sit firmly as an interior staple, much like the Breton stripe within our wardrobes,’ says Louisa Tratalos, founder at Colours of Arley.

Using a striped wallpaper can be a great place to begin if you want to introduce a more subtle pattern into your space, rather than a busy print – wonderfully shown above with the uplifting palette of pinks used on this striped design.

8. Textural designs

Neutral, textured wallpaper, cream finish, marble console table, two pink and green abstract prints, tall table lamp with fluid, curved base, cream shade,

(Image credit: Future)

Gone are the days when wallpaper was a one-dimensional piece of paper on the wall. As printing techniques develop, the number of surfaces that can be printed on increases, and the variety of materials used to create wallpaper is everchanging.

One of the most comforting wallpaper trends is introducing texture to the walls. 'Densely patterned wallpapers and fabrics, nubbly wools, and brushed fringes will abound in 2024. Anything that beckons us to reach out and touch it, that feels good against our skin, will be at the top of our list,’ says Ed O'Donnell, co-founder of Angel O'Donnell.

Choose a wallpaper crafted from natural leaf fibers – this will create an organic, rustic look that feels simple, natural, and beautifully calming.

9. Wallpaper the fifth wall

White kitchen with black, scalloped wallpaper design on ceiling, gold ceiling light, pink patterned rug on floor, black kitchen cabinets, looking out onto dining room space

(Image credit: Divine Savages, photography by Arianna Danielson)

In recent years, there has been more focus on the ceiling, and decorating it to feel cohesive with the rest of a scheme. While painted ceilings prevailed last year, 2024 is all about adding wallpaper to celebrate the fifth wall, creating an immersive design.

‘Currently, our preferred method of incorporating wallpaper is on the ceiling. We've found that this technique yields the most significant impact in transitional areas like hallways. It's an excellent way to elevate an ordinary space into something more whimsical and thoughtfully designed,’ explains Kailee Blalock, co-founder at House of Hive Design Co.

Ceiling wallpaper ideas vary from continuing the designs from the walls to creating a tented feel with bold stripes. Whatever you choose, make sure it evokes the atmosphere you’re trying to create – a bedroom might call for a calming design, whereas a children’s playroom will benefit from something bold and playful. 

10. Tonal wallpaper schemes

Kitchen decorated in a tonal color palette

(Image credit: House of Hackney)

There has been an emphasis on soothing decorating ideas this year, with designers and homeowners looking to create calm and comforting spaces. As such, tonal schemes have been trending, with rooms introducing tonal wallpaper, paint, and decor proving popular.

‘We are seeing the rise of tone-on-tone decor, with people opting for uniformity throughout the scheme. This helps to create a considered and timeless space. I suggest mixing textures to enhance your scheme further. This conveys a collected scheme that just amplifies that element of luxury,’ says Chloe.

Adding dimension and texture to tonal spaces ensures a space doesn’t feel flat. ‘Start with finding the perfect hue for you and then layer in fabrics, wallpaper, and accessories using the graded tones,’ she suggests.

11. Vintage-inspired wallpaper designs

Bedroom decorated with a blue, pattern repeat wallpaper

(Image credit: Houz of Rebel)

Decorating with vintage has become increasingly popular recently, so it’s no surprise that vintage-inspired wallpaper designs are on-trend for 2024. Think toile and chinoiserie designs that you’d expect to find in a French or English country house.

‘We love toile, chinoiserie & vintage wallpapers! These are on trend for 2024, which we are so happy about. We love to re-introduce this style of warmth and personality back into our clients’ homes,’ says Lindsay Biondo, of Houz of Rebel.

‘These types of papers tend to tell a story, so we would introduce it to a scheme by doing a beautiful mural and wrapping all walls in a room as opposed to an accent wall. We used this style in our Neoclassic Revival project's dining room,’ she adds.

12. Repeat patterns

repeat pattern wallpaper in a bedroom

(Image credit: Barrett Oswald Design/Tim Lenz)

This year’s wallpaper trends see the return of simple repeat patterns that feel subtle yet add interest to a room. ‘We're seeing a resurgence of patterned designs. They are soft and not overly geometric, making them suitable for a variety of spaces,’ says interior designer Barrett Oswald.

‘Incorporating wallpaper doesn't mean you have to force a "theme". As long as the color tone is complimentary and the style fits the tone of a room, be creative and personal in your selection,’ she adds. In this bedroom, a tonal blue palette has been used, with a painted ceiling and a patterned wallpaper wrapped around the room. 

A great way to add character to your home, these wallpaper trends are set to dominate this year. Whether you love a floral print, keep it classic with stripes, or prefer a tonal scheme, there's something here to satisfy every design style.

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