Elizabeth Banks' front door hue is as classy as it is fun – and it impresses through all the seasons

It's hard to resist this sunny hue – and we're starting with our home's first canvas

Elizabeth Banks
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There's much to consider when choosing a front door hue – it's our first occasion (and, arguably, the most prominent opportunity) to showcase our design personalities to the world, after all. Naturally, opting for a vibrant hue is the quickest way to make a statement, but how can we go bold while staying on the right side of classy? Elizabeth Banks has the solution. 

The Hunger Games actress opted for a sunny yellow front door color –  a choice that may feel hard to get right. However, despite its vibrancy, this tone has the power to add curb appeal to varying styles of homes – and it's versatile enough to impress around the calendar. 

'Yellow is a color representative of vibrancy and fun, but tone it down slightly into a muted shade, and you are left with something grown-up, classy, and charming,' comments Valspar's paint specialist, Sarah Lloyd. 'It works well on a modern or mid-century home and blends especially well with black frames and accessories.'

It goes without saying that yellow is synonymous with the sunnier seasons, but that shouldn't discourage us from painting our doors over winter. Now is, in fact, a perfect time to follow suit. 

'Not just for spring and summer, a yellow door also looks fabulous all through all the seasons – from balmy summer days when the sun gives it a natural shimmer to cold winter evenings when you are welcomed home by its warm and cozy ambiance.'

Sarah Lloyd
Sarah Lloyd

Color and paint expert Sarah Lloyd is a senior brand manager at Valspar and has worked for the paint brand over the last three years.

The importance of choosing the right hue is similarly not lost on Sarah, who reiterates how our front door is the first point of entry into your home. 'It goes a long way in setting the tone for the rest of your interior,' she notes. Yellow is, of course, an impactful starting point, but we're also loving green and blue hues for a soothing first impression. 

'The right color can also create a huge statement when your guests arrive. Not only that, but your door should also make you and your family feel happy and warm every time you return home.'

yellow front door porch with spring wreath, traditional lantern, stained glass, patterned tiles

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Knowing how to paint a front door successfully will impact how this hue comes across to all who pass through our home. So, what do we need to remember? 

'It’s important you know how to paint a front door before you begin. Firstly, all hardware must be removed from the door, and then the door must be prepped,' Sarah comments. 'This includes cleaning the door, repairing any cracks, and sanding it down. Once it’s prepared, you then need to use a wood primer before you start to paint to ensure a smooth, professional finish.'

There's a wealth of yellow paint to choose from, but we particularly love this offering from Backdrop, available below. 

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