Emma Stone used this eternally on-trend hue to create a bathroom filled with serenity

Green is peaceful and reminiscent of nature, making it the ideal hue for a powder room, and this Oscars nominee agrees

Emma Stone's Bathroom
(Image credit: Photo by Ryan Lahiff for Sotheby’s International Realty)

When Emma Stone's California house went on the market, we couldn't help but return to the listing over and over again (despite the fact that it's now sold). The Poor Things star and Oscars darling's home is both quaint and sophisticated, with big, bright windows and plenty of colorful decor.

We are particularly fond of the bathroom, however; its white cabinetry and clawfoot tub make it feel spa-like, but the real winning element here is the inclusion of green, from the vanity stool to the subtly patterned wallpaper.

Green is a trendy color everywhere from the kitchen to the dining space, providing a pop of energy, which, depending on shade, straddles the world between neutrals and full-on color.

Emma Stone's Bathroom

(Image credit: Photo by Ryan Lahiff for Sotheby’s International Realty)

'The color green gives a feeling of abundance and can have calm and therapeutic effects – like a mood boost,' says designer Andrea Sinkin. 'Because it is rooted in nature, there are so many subtle benefits that we don’t even realize. People associate green with basic environmental needs (the earthy elements of water, food and shelter) so the feeling of security is often a great benefit to using green!'

Andrea Sinkin
Andrea Sinkin

In 2017, Andrea founded Andrea Sinkin Design and is finally bringing together her two passions of fashion and design to her clients’ homes. She understands textiles, color, floor plans and design from the ground up and truly loves a collaborative relationship with her clients.

As far as selecting a green color, pastel-leaning ones, such as the wallpaper color in Stone's bathroom, can suit a space like a bathroom, but Sinkin says to choose a hue based on individual taste.

'Green can go from the most acidic yellow tones to having a stronger blue underneath which leans more towards turquoise,' she says. 'Most people have a strong preference for the shades of green they like and gravitate towards those. But there is no right or wrong answer… it is just personal preference.'

That being said, Sinkin has insight into the shades that are trending internally.

'As a design firm right now, we are using a lot of sage green and olive green. Both mix beautifully with wood tones from bleached oak to dark walnut,' she says. Our clients have been very receptive and excited to bring green into their homes. While it is a particularly hot trend right now, I don’t see it dying down anytime soon.'

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