Eva Mendes finds doing the dishes 'oddly exciting' because of this game-changing kitchen essential – it turns cleaning into an art form

The actress is transforming the way we clean – her preferred 'smart sponges' are one of the best tidying technologies we've seen this year

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the perfect place to gather with family, share laughter during a meal, or take a quiet moment over morning coffee. Simultaneously, the kitchen is also the site of the most commonly dreaded daily tasks: washing the dishes. What if this everyday annoyance was less, well, annoying? This is the future Skura Style, a lifestyle cleaning brand co-owned by Eva Mendes, is setting out to create.

Skura Style was started by two best friends who wanted to create a smarter alternative to the classic kitchen sponge. Eva Mendes, who 'finds doing the dishes oddly exciting,' shared their vision and quickly joined the brand as a co-owner and brand ambassador. Popular cleaning tips recommend making cleaning fun, and the smart, stylish designs of the brand epitomize this ethos. As their website tells us, with Skura, 'cleaning isn't a chore, it's an art form.'

What is so special about Skura Style's cleaning products? First off, their original Skrubby Sponge is changing the way we clean a kitchen. These technologically advanced kitchen scrubbers are built to be cleaner, safer, and more pleasant to use than a classic sponge. The anti-microbial polyurethane construction resists odors and the formation of bacteria. In fact, they have 99.9% fewer E. coli than traditional cellulose sponges. When it's time to switch out your sponge, the monogram on the scrubbing side fades away. The sponge is also designed to avoid trapping food particles, even common sticky culprits like cheese and egg.

In a recently posted Instagram video of Mendes washing dishes with a Skura Sponge, she states: 'When I heard that the average kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, I made finding a sponge good enough for my home and my family my mission. That's when I discovered Skura Style sponges. They're anti-microbial so they don't smell, and they tell you when it's time to replace them. So if you never want to touch a another stinky, soggy, bacteria-filled sponge again...,' she then throws the sponge at the camera. Talk about an endorsement.

Skura makes more than just sponges. Since the original Skrubby, the brand has expanded to make scouring pads, kitchen towels, and wipes, so you can innovate with all of your cleaning tools. With Skura, it's easy to keep your cleaning supplies clean.

No matter how you choose to clean, it's important to incorporate joy into your daily rituals as much as possible. Eva Mendes finds it through using Skura Style, and we're ready to invest and see if we will feel the same.

Sophie Edwards
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