George and Amal Clooney's former living room is awash in perfect, tasteful color – the artistic look goes beyond trends

The SoHo townhouse where the couple once lived is decorated with color theory in mind. Experts love the ultra-stylish design

george and amal clooney together against a background of tropical plants
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When the team at White Arrow set out to decorate a SoHo townhouse formerly rented by George and Amal Clooney, their goal was to integrate eclectic antiques and art with the historic bones of the home. The result is one of the most balanced, and stylized houses we've ever seen. Everything in the den is perfect, but the well-conceived color scheme especially works to emphasize the natural beauty of the homeowner's furniture and the style of the room.

A blue sofa anchors the living room of the Clooney's former home. A blown glass coffee table with a pink base perfectly contrasts with the piece, bringing a warm and intentional feel to the design. A textural white rug brings visual interest, while large garage-style windows fill the space with light. On top of the coffee table, a stack of neutral-colored books with a neutral vase acts as a grounding force. The room is at once highly functional, stylish, and unique, with a design that reaches beyond trends to hit on fundamental principles of design.

The White Arrow team writes: 'We’re still thinking about the combination of this deep teal living room sofa and ethereal glass coffee table at our Sullivan Street Townhouse project. With so much light entering through the industrial-style windows facing the garden, we knew that anchoring the tall space with a dark statement couch was the way to go. Its curved shape also helps to define a more intimate seating area. Meanwhile, we wanted a table that would contrast with the sofa both in terms of color and weight, so this piece from Grzegorz Majka was an ideal fit.'

Clearly, extensive thought and energy have gone into getting the living room color scheme right in the Clooney's previous home. Jennifer Ebert, digital editor at Homes & Gardens, states: 'The contrast of blue and pink in this space is so perfect and relies on the classic color wheel. Blue and orange are color opposites, meaning that when used together, each color makes the other appear brighter. While a true blue against a true orange might be a bit overwhelming, the designers here have put a twist on this by pairing teal and pink for a more subtle but still striking look.'

Jennifer Ebert
Jennifer Ebert

Jen is the Editor (Digital) of Homes & Gardens. Before starting this position, she had completed various interior design courses at KLC Design School, as well as working across Ideal Home, LivingEtc, 25 Beautiful Homes and Country Homes & Interiors as an interiors writer.

She continues, 'Further, the designers have paired this bold combination with a neutral base in this colorful living room. This both keeps the colors from appearing too overwhelming and helps them to stand out. I love the unexpected pairing of the black steel of the industrial door and the pink glass of the coffee table. Though the look relies on classic design rules, it is also a completely original look.'

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We tracked down a nearly identical coffee table by Grzegorz Majka, as well as an affordable curved navy sofa and woven rug to recreate the look. This mix of vintage and contemporary furniture lends the cozy energy of the Sullivan Street townhouse.

Whether it is experimenting with color or shapes, this space is evidence that it's never a bad idea to plan ahead based on design principles and personal taste.

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