Gigi Hadid's rustic garden invites us to embrace natural, homegrown produce this summer

Snapshots from Gigi's woodland garden included her 'textured' and 'harmonious' blooms – here's how to replicate their look

Gigi Hadid
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Gigi Hadid may be an international supermodel, but in some ways, she's just like us – including how she spends (some) of her summer days. When she's at home, the Californian native takes to the garden – and she's taken her 78 million followers along for some of the moments. 

Recently, Gigi shared ten snapshots from this summer (so far), many of which were spent with her daughter, Khai. In the post, Gigi shares a glimpse inside a rustic garden – complete with free-flowing grass and horses. 

The third photo on the same carousel also offers a glimpse at Gigi's homegrown flowers – comprising sunflowers, Tithonia (also known as the Mexican sunflower), dahlias (and pompon dahlias) and rudbeckia.

Alongside the homegrown flower arrangement, Gigi and Khai also collected blueberries that they stored in a carton alongside the blooms. The collection of photos is a reminder of summer's natural pleasures – whether surrounding oneself with local wildlife, picking flowers and berries, or spending time with family on the lawn. 

And, once inside, floral expert Jane Hart also encourages us to replicate Gigi's arrangement – pairing sunflowers with dahlias and rudbeckia for a seasonal collection inspired by the model. 

'Combine the warm, golden tones of sunflowers with the rich purples of dahlias and the fiery oranges of rudbeckia. The result is a captivating triad of colors that energize your space and evoke feelings of happiness and excitement,' she says.

Jane Hart

Jane is an expert from the international flower company Flora Queen. The company began sending flowers online in 2004 from its headquarters in Barcelona –  but in the last 15 years, they have grown into an internationally recognized business that sends flowers to more than 100 countries around the world.

With Gigi's support, we already envisioned this pairing would top floral trends for the rest of the season; however, as Jane explains, there is even more to love than their hues. Colors aside, Jane also says these flowers have a 'textural harmony' that allows the blooms to coexist with one another in a vase seamlessly.

'Sunflowers' smooth petals, along with the intricate blooms of dahlias and the daisy-like appearance of rudbeckia, create a delightful contrast in texture,' she says. 'This texture play adds depth and dimension to your arrangement.'

However, before arranging flowers in a vase, the expert urges us to pay attention to the blooms' varying sizes – and ensure they appear balanced. 

'Pay attention to the size of the flowers when arranging them together. Make sure the larger blooms, like sunflowers and dahlias, are evenly distributed throughout the bouquet while the smaller rudbeckia flowers fill in the gaps for a balanced look,' she says.

terracotta vase of mexican sunflowers and other deeply colored flowers

(Image credit: Salsabil Morrison)

'By combining sunflowers with dahlias and rudbeckia, you can create a mesmerizing arrangement that brightens up your space and brings a touch of nature indoors.' 

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