Glenn Close's easy storage solution is an ingenious, trending way to display books– and it's not the 'bookshelf wealth' look

The actress's book storage exhibits an innovative new spin on 2024's most personal design trend

Glenn close porch
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Everyone loves books, but what's the best way to store them? Glenn Close provided the definitive answer to this question in a recent Instagram post.

The actress shared a silly video about observing people in restaurants in her living room, revealing her stunning book storage in the process. Close uses a vertical bookshelf, stacking her tomes from floor to ceiling. Behind them, a personalized gallery wall adds personality to the room. Rather than simply acting as a storage solution, Close's innovative bookshelf turns her novel placement into a stylish, beautiful sculpture in her space.

In recent months, the 'bookshelf wealth' trend has gained massive traction in the world of interior design and across social media. The maximalist trend advocates for using your bookshelves to showcase your most prized possessions, instead of hiding them away. Though this often means showing off your books, it also includes decorative objects, vases and more.

Close's book storage idea turns this look on its head, (somewhat) literally. First of all, it's a much more minimalist style than the traditional bookshelf wealth look. Rather than prioritizing all types of decor, vertical bookshelves like Close's exclusively allow for the display of books. This helps to minimize clutter while making these knowledge-enhancing pamphlets the center of your design.

Second, there is a space-enhancing element to this interior design trend: it is much smaller than traditional bookshelves. By utilizing the space vertically, rather than across the wall, this style makes maximum advantage of ceiling height.This means it works exceptionally well in rooms with small square footage, but tall ceilings, like an office space. Furthermore, the fact that it's a less frequently seen way to organize books means it will always draw the eye.

For those who are interested in recreating Glenn Close's trendy look, Jennifer Ebert, color expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens has some advice. 

'Just like on a traditional, horizontal bookshelf, you can keep style in mind when arranging one of these shelves,' she says. 'You can pair books based on size or color for a stylish tonal look.'

 There are many options available to replicate Close's book storage, but the avant-garde version from Design Within Reach (shoppable above) is one of the best. Available in four different colors, there's a stylish, contemporary vertical bookshelf for every space.

If you're looking for an inventive new way to store your books, Glenn Close's home is the first place to look.

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