Gwyneth Paltrow's black and white entryway reminds us that some color pairings remain eternal

'Elegant, versatile, and timeless' – this designer-favored color pairing continues to make the first impression we all desire

Gwyneth Paltrow
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One look around Gwyneth Paltrow's Montecito property shows us exactly why it is among the most celebrated in Los Angeles. 

Designed by Brigette Romanek, her 'forever' home is a maze of trend-setting features – from her intricate wallpaper to her chic white kitchen (that famously epitomizes the 'California Casual' trend), it's easy to feel a little bit envious of the actress turned businesswoman. Though, just when we thought we were envious enough, we saw her monochromatic entryway

The Academy Award-winning actress shared a look at the first room of her home – and of course, in this space, she's mastered the most timeless color pairing of all: black and white. 

As the most famous monochromatic color pairing of all, it's easy to overlook black and white; however, as designers explain, this classic collaboration deserves a moment of celebration – and Gwyneth's entryway is a fitting reminder of that. 

'The combination of white and black exudes a classic elegance that transcends trends,' says design expert Elizabeth Grace from Dream Home Making. 'It creates a clean and sophisticated look that can enhance the overall appeal of your home.'

Interior Designer
Elizabeth Grace on a grey background
Interior Designer
Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace is an interior designer and furniture expert. She received her degree in Interior Design from the University of Notre Dame. Elizabeth landed her first job as an intern with a leading firm in New York City, learning from some of the city’s top designers. She currently works as an interior designer for both residential and commercial clients.

In her modern entryway, Gwyneth exhibits quintessential black and white tiles, a white side cabinet (topped with an orchid), and a sofa that complements her white paint seamlessly. She has chosen to remain neutral in her furnishings and accessories, but as Elizabeth explains, a black and white entryway looks equally powerful when paired with more vibrant hues. 

'White acts as a versatile backdrop, allowing you to play with various design elements and styles. It provides a neutral canvas that can easily accommodate different color schemes and accessories,' she says.

As mentioned, Gwyneth has accentuated her space with an orchid, which the designer recommends following. However, we don't need to stop with this flower. 'Introducing lush green plants to add a vibrant touch to the monochromatic palette. The vivid green hues will bring a refreshing and natural element to the space.'

And, just as Gwyneth demonstrates with her sofa and cabinet, Elizabeth says that finding statement black and white furnishings is similarly impactful in creating the right first impression.

'Opt for furniture pieces in black or white to maintain the monochromatic theme,' she says. Consider a white wicker seating set or black wrought iron furniture to create a charming and timeless look, and add plush cushions in contrasting colors, like black and white stripes, to enhance visual interest.' If there was ever a time to upgrade our entryway, it is now...

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