Gwyneth Paltrow uses these accessories to make her kitchen feel like 'an extension of nature' – and it taps into this rustic design movement

The Goop founder taps into the ever-popular organic modern trend with natural materials and objects in her otherwise contemporary space

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It's no secret that time spent outdoors instantly boosts our mental health. For those of us who are homebodies, a little extra effort needs to be taken to make the inside feel like the outside; and there's no better trend than organic modern to fuse contemporary style with natural sensisbilities.

Gwyneth Paltrow, an ambassador for all things wellness via her lifestyle brand, Goop, is a fan of this enduring trend. The actor and businesswoman recently shared a video in her bright, clean kitchen, and we noticed subtle touches of natural elements such as her gray clay vase, wood cutting board, and marble countertops. The organic elements contrast modern materials like brass and steel, making for a harmonious kitchen space.

A key component of the organic modern trend is the materials used – the style favors any items that have natural roots, such as linen, clay, and of course, greenery.

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'Organic modern is about creating a home that feels like an extension of nature,' Yoram Weinreich, CEO of Simpli Home, states. 'Focus on clean lines and natural materials like wood and stone to connect your living space to the calming feeling of the outdoors. Beyond aesthetics, organic modern furniture prioritizes functionality and sustainability. Look for pieces crafted from ethically sourced wood and recycled materials.'

By virtue of these materials, the color palette leans heavily into neutrals – however, visual interest is maintained through texture.

'Start with a statement piece made from natural materials, like a solid wood coffee table,' Weinreich states. 'Layer in woven textures, like jute rugs and kilim throws, for added warmth. Use an earthy color palette like beiges, browns, and mossy greens.'

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Finally, Weinreich stresses the importance of keeping an organic modern space bright. Paltrow has kept her lighting soft to accentuate the curves and lines of her natural objects and materials in the kitchen.

'Natural light is essential,' he says. 'Open your curtains and position furniture to maximize sunlight's benefits. Also, don't be afraid of organic shapes. A rounded drum table or a live-edge dining table can add a touch of softness and break up the straight lines. Finally, incorporate plants – they add life, purify the air, and complete the natural aesthetic.'

Below, we have rounded up some organic modern pieces for a Gwyneth Paltrow-esque kitchen.

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