Gwyneth Paltrow's bathroom is 'effortlessly elegant' with the help of this designer-approved material

Marble surfaces create a luxurious atmosphere in Goop founder's bathroom – and it's a look that impresses through the decades

Gwyneth Paltrow
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As an expert in all things wellness, it's no surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow's bathroom – AKA the space where we pamper ourselves, bathe, and conduct skincare routines – is immaculate. 

In a recent video tour posted to the actor and Goop founder's Instagram page, Paltrow's bathroom was revealed to be bright and airy, utilizing metallic accents and maximal storage space to keep the space looking shiny and neat. There is one material that appeared consistently, and it's a crowd-pleaser: marble. Used for her countertops and cabinets, the consistency of the feature makes the space feel cohesive and luxe.

'When I design a bathroom, I really want it to feel like [a] very peaceful sanctuary,' Paltrow declared in the video, and marble achieves that goal. A bespoke material, marble bathrooms are a popular choice in modern homes thanks to their smooth and unique appearance.

'Marble gives off a type of timeless elegance that makes a bathroom look more luxurious,' says interior designer Courtney Cole. 'This is enhanced with the natural patterns in the stone that make the material look serene and effortlessly elegant, which is why marble is the go-to material for high-end bathrooms in luxury hotels or spas, and also why people choose it in their bathroom designs.'

Marble is an exquisite material, and as such, Cole recommends allowing it to be the main focus of a space rather than adding on any bright or bold decor.

'Because the material is pretty luxurious and a statement in itself, it’s best to style it with neutral tones and minimalistic accents to give the marble room to shine,' she says. 'I recommend using soft greys, whites, or pastel tones for your paint and tiling.

Paltrow followed this rule by keeping the walls painted a crisp white, allowing the marble surfaces to take center stage.

Marble bathroom with fluted bath, dark wooden flooring

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Despite the neutral walls, Paltrow does add  in metallic accents for a neutral pop, like the gold faucet and vanity mirror, and silver showerhead.

'For fixtures, matte metals will help to not overpower the marble while still giving the bathroom the high-end feeling that comes with the marble,' she states. 'With decor and accessories, plush towels, elegant pieces of art, plats and even backlit mirrors will help add to the elegance of the room and won’t take away from the marble.'

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