Henry Cavill's calming living room design perfectly embodies a stunning 2024 trend that's captured our attention

Rustic modern design gets even chicer in the actor's space. He incorporates surprising colors for an ultra-stylish, organic look

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Interior design trends this year seem to be paradoxically fascinated by exteriors: almost every trending look takes inspiration from the outdoors. The farmhouse-chic Rustic Modern aesthetic is no different. For a particularly chic example of the style, look no further than Henry Cavill's home.

The Enola Holmes actor's living room is a rustic modern masterpiece. White walls form the backdrop to natural wood, both as the mantelpiece and the built-in shelves. An exposed brick fireplace provides a cozy texture. In the center of the room, a linen armchair contrasts with a dark wood coffee table. On Cavill's shelves, red accents, including a collection of red Le Creuset crockery and speakers, bring a bright, unexpected flair to the space.

It's no surprise Cavill has selected this scheme, given the timeless appeal of the rustic modern interior design trend.  

'Rustic Modern interior design combines natural materials and warm textiles with clean lines and a more minimal approach,' comments Amanda Wyatt, an interior designer and founder of Design Insider.

'Think more restrained than traditional rustic decor but more comfortable than modern decor.  It's become a popular trend because it's so unfussy and yet also uncluttered. Rustic modern done right feels thoughtful, comfortable, and totally up-to-date.'

amanda wyatt from design insider
Amanda Wyatt

Amanda Wyatt is a self-taught interior designer who started Design Insider as a way to offer resources and inspiration to aspiring designers. She is passionate about impacting people in the spaces she creates.

Cavill takes his modern rustic look to the next level by applying the 'unexpected red theory.' 

Jennifer Ebert, color expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens, states: 'The actor's living room aptly proves that adding a touch of red can instantly improve any room. Cavill's red speakers and cookware add a bright, modern feeling to the otherwise simple and rustic space. Next to the natural wood, the warm and inviting feeling of these tones really pops.'

She continues, 'There is no combination more stylish than natural wood with a primary color.'

ozy living room with woodburning stove, grey sofa and Ercol coffee table on black rug.

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To recreate Cavill's scheme, Wyatt recommends blending contemporary decor with more natural influences. She says, 'You can still have large, white walls, but maybe you mix in antique ceiling beams and door headers. Or maybe you borrow a few Scandinavian elements, such as simple light wood cabinets or wall paneling, and then layer in neutral color-toned furniture.'

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Modern rustic interiors have never been so stylish and Henry Cavill is leading the charge. It's living proof that bringing together white walls with natural wood accents and a touch of red is always a good idea.

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