Iman ensures her neutral living room is far from boring with this strategic pattern placement

The model turned her living room into a subtly patterned oasis while simultaneously infusing her room with personality

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Iman is no stranger to bold looks – the supermodel has debuted some striking styles over the past several years, including her show-stopping gold Met Gala gown at the 2021 Met Gala.

When it comes to her interiors, however, she prefers a more subdued design featuring plenty of soft neutrals – with one exception. In a recent photo on her Instagram, she showed off her cream couch, adorned with bold throw pillows ranging from animal print to geometric patterns.

Decorating with patterns in otherwise neutral spaces is a great way to infuse a room with personality and vibrancy without committing to painting walls or investing in colored furniture. Before you decide on a pattern, designers encourage us to consider the color of the pieces, such as throw pillows or lamps, as well.

'When choosing colors for a room, consider how the space will be used,' says Chelsea Clark, Head of Brand at Henderson Design Group. 'Soothing colors, such as pale green, blue, and neutral tones, work well in rooms that prioritize relaxation while vibrant yellow, pink, and red hues are invigorating and well-suited to busy spaces, [much like the living room].'

Chelsea Clark
Chelsea Clark

Chelsea is the Head of Brand at Henderson Design Group, with a focus on wallpaper and home decor.

Once the color has been settled on, the pattern should also be determined based on the room it is being situated in. 'Bold patterns or stripes will add instant drama to high-traffic hallways and provide grandeur to more formal family spaces, such as dining rooms,' Chelsea comments. 

Looking for a more calming ambiance? Flowers are the answer.

'Floral patterns tend to have a grounding effect, helping bring the soothing effects of nature into the room while evoking feelings of calm,' she explains.

corner couch with patterned throw pillow and a galley wall

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For those wanting to implement pattern in a big way, wallpaper is the way to go.

'Pairing patterned wallpaper with complimentary paints provides an opportunity to inject more personality and character into any space, ensuring it reflects your style,' she says. 'Wallpaper offers both practical and aesthetic benefits to any room, helping to hide or enhance certain features in the space.'

Find Iman-worthy, patterned throws to add some personality to a living space below.

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