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Floral room decor ideas – 22 ways to decorate with this springtime favorite

Create whimsical schemes full of wow factor with these beautiful floral room decor ideas

floral room decor
(Image credit: Designers Guild / Borastapeter / Little Greene)

Florals are a wonderful way to inject romance and elegance into your home.

From wallpaper with bold, blowsy blooms to ditsy floral fabrics and furniture and accessories inspired by nature, there are so many ways to embrace floral decor ideas in interior design. In the world of interiors, flowers have been an enduring source of inspiration for designers across the centuries and their appeal sees no sign of abating as new floral fabrics, wallpapers, and ideas are released season after season.

Whether you’re making over an entire room and want to make a big impact with petal power or are simply looking to use the floral interior design trend to add some dainty touches, these floral room decor ideas are guaranteed to inspire.

Floral room decor ideas

When it comes to floral room decor ideas the options are endless. Whatever your floral fancy, there are prints and design solutions to suit all rooms and tastes.

Floral wallpaper ideas are a great way to make a statement and can make a room feel grand or intimate depending on the scale of the print you choose. They can look really effective used wall-to-wall or combined with painted paneling and window treatments in plain fabrics for a softer look.

Alternatively, for a more subtle approach to decorating with florals, consider introducing bold botanical fabrics on window treatments or upholstery. Or, for a quick and easy way to channel the floral trend, try adding accessories such as lampshades and cushions.

1. Inject spring magic with a bird and bluebell mural

Little Greene Bird and Bluebell wallpaper in Pea Green

(Image credit: Little Greene Bird and Bluebell wallpaper)

Capturing all the joys of spring, this beautiful wallpaper with its birds, bees, and bluebells is perfect for creating an uplifting, fresh feel to any room. New from Little Greene’s National Trust Papers III collection, the paper is an adapted and recolored version of a historic fragment found at Norfolk’s Felbrigg Hall. The Bird and Bluebell design is available in soft pink, blue, neutral, and a beautiful pea green as pictured here, which pairs beautifully with this fun ceiling idea in Little Greene's Dorchester pink..

‘Soft green wallpapers with botanical or leafy motifs sit comfortably in any interior scheme because of their relationship with the natural environment and our longing to bring the outdoors inside,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene.

'We feel soothed by green and its neutral base – it is neither too warm nor too cool. These pretty green hues provide enough strength to deliver design impact and create energy in a space, but at the same time, are muted enough to provide serenity. Pairing the ‘Pea Green’ colorway of ‘Bird & Bluebell’, with blush pinks such as ‘Dorchester Pink’ will provide warmth to your scheme, whilst remaining fresh and contemporary.’

2. Add traditional romance with full length floral curtains 

Designers Guild English Heritage fabrics and wallpapers, curtains in Piccadilly Park floral fabric

(Image credit: Designers Guild)

If you're looking to create a traditional living room with an elegant, feminine feel you can't go wrong with full-length floral living room curtains. Perfect for nostalgic souls, Designers Guild has teamed up with English Heritage to launch a new collection of fabrics and wallpapers inspired by floral designs from across the centuries. From ornate Jacobean-style floral damasks to versatile trellis designs, the prints are reworked and recolored versions of original fragments in the English Heritage archive. Printed using a mix of traditional surface printing and digital printing, the designs are perfect for bringing nature and heritage into the home.

3. Bring whimsy to the kitchen with a chinoiserie mural

Amanda George floral chinoiserie wallpaper in a kitchen/dining room

(Image credit: Interior Amanda George / photograph Miranda Estes)

As the busiest room in the house, it's important our kitchens are happy spaces we love to spend time in, and what better way to bring joy than with a beautiful wall mural? Interior designer Amanda George gave this blue kitchen dining space a playful and unique twist by papering the walls in a chinoiserie-style wallpaper.

'In order to create a whimsical and bright dining room that paid homage to the client's Chinese heritage and English upbringing, the walls here were covered in a mural wallpaper that evokes the chinoiserie style,' says Amanda George. 

'The bold blue base cabinetry pairs with the bright white uppers to further enhance the fusion of Chinese motifs with classic English style. This pairing also allowed us to keep the room light but grounded, creating a wonderful space to enjoy family meals at any time of the year.'

4. Choose a modern chintz floral for a vintage feel

Floral Charm wallpaper in a dining room

(Image credit: Boråstapeter)

New from Swedish brand Boråstapeter, this Floral Charm wallpaper is ideal for lovers of vintage style looking to create an elegant and enchanting space. Featuring a repeated flamboyant bouquet based on an original watercolor painting, the design is available on a range of colored backgrounds from soft pink, apricot, ivory, and grey, to moody maroon and soothing Sage.

5. Inject heritage style with ornate Arts & Crafts prints

Dining area with Arts & Crafts Morris & Co wallpaper and blinds

(Image credit: Morris & Co Emery Walker's House Collection)

Embrace Arts & Crafts decor with the richly ornamented prints of Morris & Co’s latest fabric and wallpaper collection, Emery Walker’s House. Inspired by the Morris & Co prints found throughout the Hammersmith home of Sir Emery Walker, the collection comprises four brand new and six re-introduced William Morris designs. Teamed here is the Borage wallpaper in Sunflower yellow featuring the wildflower beloved by bees and the Rose fabric on blinds in Bough’s Green/Rose, both originally designed by Morris in 1883.

6. Create a serene bathroom with a floral wallpaper

Liberty Fabrics Tudor Poppy in Fern in a bathroom

(Image credit: Liberty Fabrics Tudor Poppy in Fern)

Immerse yourself in the beauty of a wild meadow with the Tudor Poppy wallpaper in Fern from Liberty Fabrics. Rooted in the Arts & Crafts Movement the design’s undulating flowers, flowing foliage and soothing green colorway would make the perfect backdrop for a restful bathroom or bedroom. When decorating with bathroom wallpaper make sure the room is well-ventilated and that the paper is away from direct contact with water, alternatively you could try waterproof 

7. Layer floral patterns in different scales

Bedroom with headboard in Lilac fabric by Sarah Vanrenen

(Image credit: Sarah Vanrenen)

When decorating with florals don’t be afraid to mix in different prints – provided you play with the scale they can look wonderfully romantic. Covered in the beautiful large-scale Lilac fabric from Sarah Vanrenen this statement headboard looks beautiful set against the ditsy Violet wallpaper in Green. ‘Pattern scale needs to be balanced when put together otherwise the room can look too busy and all melt into one without any definition,’ advises interior designer Sarah Vanrenen.

8. Create wow factor in a cloakroom with a vibrant floral wallpaper

Powder room with floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Interior Jennifer Hunter / photograph Kirsten Francis)

As small spaces that are infrequently used, powder rooms and cloakrooms are wonderful spaces to showcase bold wallpapers. This beautiful Pomegranate Botanical design by Schumacher chosen by interior designer Jennifer Hunter is guaranteed to create a talking point amongst guests and put a spring in their step.

'I chose this design because of both the unique color palette of greens and purples and I love that it is not your typical floral print,' says Jennifer Hunter.

'We love going bold in a powder room as it is a place you can be more daring.  However as a powder room is typically a smaller space, you must select a scale that works appropriately, usually a small-mid scale.'

9. Use dramatic wallpapers with large-scale blooms 

Paeonia wallpaper by Harlequin

(Image credit: Harlequin)

For a floral room decor scheme with plenty of drama use a large-scale dark floral wallpaper. Featuring upscaled white peonies set against a contrasting black background, this beautiful Paeonia wallpaper by Harlequin makes large blousy blooms the real stars of the show. Try it in rooms with tall ceilings to evoke a more intimate feel.

10. Make a statement with a bespoke mural

Flora Roberts Foxgloves mural

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Are you looking to create an interior that is truly unique and magical? Welcome to the whimsical world of artist and designer Flora Roberts, who creates breathtaking botanical murals and timeless designs for wallpapers. 

With a canvas of a single wall to an entire room, Flora transforms surfaces into dreamscapes where wandering flowers spontaneously dance together in oceans of alluring color. Think of the enveloping tranquillity of Monet’s Waterlilies fused with the naive charm of folk art in a signature palette of brights and pastels. 

'I love hand-painting murals because the technique brings charm and spontaneity to interiors – imperfection is a nice metaphor for life, isn't it? says Flora.

11. Hang Mediterranean-inspired wallpaper

Bougainvillea wallpaper in 117/6017 by Cole & Son

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

Taking the prolific Mediterranean climbing plant the Bougainvillea as its focus, this show-stopping wallpaper from Cole & Son's Seville Collection is perfect for a more exotic scheme. Featuring a repeat design of hot rouge trailing flowers on a charcoal background, it's guaranteed to turn heads in a modern living room. Try picking out the jade color from the design and using it on complementary paneling to temper the print.

12. Bring vintage charm with an archive print 

Hollyhocks Copper/Rhodera wallpaper by Sanderson

(Image credit: Sanderson)

Floral room decor needn't be just for bedrooms, living and dining room ideas – why not decorate the kitchen with dark floral prints for a quirky yet considered look? To celebrate 160 years, Sanderson has refreshed some of its iconic floral prints in refreshed colorways – perfect for your living room feature walls

‘Florals are a signature look for Sanderson. Many of our designs have a nostalgic air, remembered from childhood days and family homes. Capturing the wonder of nature, they continue to bring beauty into people’s lives, with new versions of classic designs combining modern country living with a timeless and undeniably British feel,’ explains Rebecca Craig, head of design at Sanderson.

13. Showcase maximalist floral room decor 

Chintzy dark floral wallpaper with pastel pink curtains

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

Chintz is well and truly back and this maximalist wallpaper with flamboyant tropical florals and foliage in dark purple – set on rose quartz – is a brilliant way to introduce the look to a bedroom. Created by House of Hackney in collaboration with iconic Mayfair club Annabel's, the paper is just one of their large collection of signature modern chintz prints. For an elegant, pink room, try pairing it with pastel pink curtains to help soften the look. 

14. Give a bedroom a romantic focal point

Headboard in Fullterton fabric by Osborne & Little

(Image credit: Osborne & Little)

If decorating with wall-to-wall florals is too overpowering, consider introducing them through upholstery, and window treatments. Covered in Osborne & Little’s Fullerton design, this headboard idea makes a real statement in a bedroom, plus the sinuous curves are a beautiful complement to the romantic design. 

15. Introduce a floral screen in a bathroom 

Dark floral bathroom screen

(Image credit: Future / Katya de Grunwald)

Bring period drama to a luxurious bathroom with a traditional screen in a dark, romantic floral print. Introducing prints through furniture and accessories is a good way to channel the look without over-powering a space.

16. Go for dark florals in a dining room

Dark botanical wallpaper in dining room

(Image credit: catherine Gratwicke)

When just reserved for entertaining and special occasions, dining rooms are the perfect space for bold decor. Using an eye-catching, botanical wallpaper in large occasional spaces will not only bring real wow-factor, it can also make these spaces feel more intimate, too.

A stylised and angular leafy design rather than a soft romantic floral, this dining room wallpaper brings real wall-to-wall drama to this dining room creating a magnificent setting for celebratory suppers and special occasions. 

17. Decorate with a folksy print

Zabola wallpaper by Mind the Gap

(Image credit: Mind the Gap)

Often dark floral prints are flamboyant and romantic, which often work well in grand houses, but for a more rural property why not go for a folk feel, instead? This Mind The Gap wallpaper, inspired by the design heritage of Transylvania, features Milfoil, bluebells and various local wildflowers, specific for the Carpathian forests.

18. Try small-scale florals

Dark floral borastapeter SÅNGFÅGLAR wallpaper in bedroom

(Image credit: Borastapeter)

For a vintage bedroom with an atmosphere, consider combining traditional wood paneling ideas with a romantic hedgerow-inspired print set on a dark background. Calming and elegant, this Borastapeter Sangfaglar wallpaper features dainty songbirds and butterflies amongst mulberry branches and sweet mock orange blossom in a subdued palette of black and mild green, which has been picked out for use on paneling to create a cohesive look.

19. Bring a touch of luxury to your living room 

Sofa covered in Parker & Jules Strawberry field Autumn Conker velvet fabric

(Image credit: Parker & jules)

Buying a living room sofa is a costly investment, so it's understandable why many people play it safe with plain colors. However, if you dare to be different, a bold print on a sofa can make for a spectacular focal point. Featuring sculptural shapes of lupins, ferns, and strawberries, this Strawberry Field Autumn Conker print by Parker & Jules is available in either velvet or linen. 

20. Wow dinner guests with a dark floral wallpaper

Hope & Bloom wallpaper, Woodchip & Magnolia in a dining room

(Image credit: Woodchip & Magnola)

Featuring meadow flowers on a navy background this Hope and Bloom Wallpaper by Woodchip & Magnolia is guaranteed to turn heads but also has a whimsical softness.

‘Our Hope & Bloom collection was inspired by nature and the beauty of the wild, scattered flowers you'd find out in the meadows. We love how this design so easily makes a statement with its dark background and pops of color, and it would work beautifully in a dining room to create a really intimate and inviting environment,’ says Nina Tarnowski, creative director and joint founder of Woodchip & Magnolia

21. Paint the back of a display cabinet 

'The Botanical' Curiosity Cupboard by Devol

(Image credit: Devol)

Beautiful floral room decor can be achieved through more than just wallpaper and fabric, you could incorporate dark floral prints on furniture, too. 

For a beautiful statement piece, why not introduce one of Devol’s beautiful Decorated Cupboards fitted with a nature-inspired back panel? Available in an array of designs, from ‘The Botanical’ design (pictured above) to ‘Rambling Wild Roses’, the decorated back panels of the cupboards feature artwork digitally transferred from hand-painted designs. 

22. Combine floral curtains with plain walls for a modern look

Linwood Royal Garden curtains in Midnight

(Image credit: Linwood)

Bold, dramatic blooms are having a moment. Bring them into the 21st century by pairing ornate floral curtains with a pastel dining room color scheme.

‘Maximalism is all well and good but here at Linwood we like to take a calmer approach. Just look at how beautiful this floral fabric looks set against this simple backdrop. No pattern on pattern fighting for attention; we all know who the star of the show in this room is,’ says the design team at Linwood

How can I decorate with dark florals? 

Decorating with dark florals is a brilliant way to make a unique statement and is becoming increasingly popular. How you use them depends on how much of an impact you want to create.

Moody floral wallpapers used wall to wall are guaranteed to bring glamour and create a lasting impression, alternatively limit florals to window treatments, upholstery, or accessories for a more subtle take on the trend.

Dark floral prints are brilliant dining room decor ideas, as well as for other occasional spaces, as in these rooms that are not used as often you can often afford to be a bit more bold and playful with interior design.

If decorating with floral prints in dark colors it’s important to consider the scale of a design. Large-scale designs will make a real impact, but you could choose a more ditsy repeat design for something more relaxed.

‘Recently we’ve seen a real shift from greys and minimal uses of color to the desire for dark grounds and multicolored pattern – the perfect tonic for lifting the spirits and creating a more individual style,’ says Rebecca Craig, head of design at Sanderson. Celebrate exuberant floral prints in lush color combinations. 'In particular, florals take a moodier turn across fabric design, with a fixation on dark heritage blooms that create an air of faded grandeur. 

Bold, dramatic blooms are perfect for those looking to make a statement; by utilizing a floral motif in a darker palette throughout one’s upholstery, an injection of personality is achieved without it looking overly chintzy,’ says Louisa Tratalos, Head of Brand, Arley House.

Dark floral prints are often associated with grand, romantic schemes, conjuring images of ornate 17th-century floral paintings by Dutch masters, however, there are many contemporary dark floral prints available to keep interiors looking fresh and contemporary and for rural properties, you could try a folksy print.

What goes well with floral print?

Floral prints are hugely versatile and work wonderfully with all sorts of other patterns but they pair particularly well with traditional checks and stripes. 'Checks and ginghams are the perfect foil to pretty florals. They are a true classic that can work in absolutely any room, that’s why they are always a favorite,' explains Caroline Inchyra, founder of fabric house Inchrya.

When decorating with pattern, 'balance of color, tone and pattern are very important indeed.  Pattern scale needs to be balanced when put together otherwise the room can look too busy and all melt into one without any definition,' explains interior designer Sarah Vanrenen. 

'Color and strength of color need to be balanced throughout the room so that nothing jars. When I am decorating I pull together a palette of colors and patterns in the fabrics and use them like a painting palette. I can see what colors all work together, sometimes colors that I might not have immediately thought of, and then the scale of pattern can be worked out to put larger scales and smaller scales and geometrics with florals for example.'

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