Ina Garten's white wisteria is a long-lasting statement piece in her garden – it just requires some specific care

The Barefoot Contessa's whimsical wisteria is proof that patience pays off in the garden – and it looks just as beautiful in a container

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As we enter peak gardening and landscaping season, there are a select few experts we look towards for inspiration. Ina Garten, with her years of experience as the Barefoot Contessa, is a guidepost for all things domestic, and this stands true for garden ideas.

Garten recently shared a photo on her Instagram page of her delicate backyard wisteria. The hanging white flowers are fully grown, giving off a whimsical yet elegant appearance that is reminiscent of a quintessential English garden. In short, it's spectacular; it just requires some patience to grow.

Those who are looking for a subtle statement plant would do well to try out wisteria – and according to experts, there are different ways to display it based on existing landscapes and potting preferences.

'While we might think of wisteria as one of the best climbing plants, it can also be trained to grow as a statement shrub when grown in a pot,' says Homes & Gardens' Gardens Content Editor Thom Rutter. 'As Ina Garten shows, when planted in a container, wisteria can be just as impressive as when it covers walls and trellises.'

Garten's wisteria appears well-groomed, and that is no accident. Rutter explains that wisteria can be unruly, and as such requires long-term care and maintenance to give it a neat look.

'When considering how to grow wisteria as a standard - that is, with one trunk and a tree-like appearance - gardeners must be ruthless, training just one single trunk and removing any side shoots as they grow,' he explains. 'I would recommend using a cane as a support to help achieve a perfectly straight trunk.'

Finally, it is important to consider the climate and surroundings when introducing wisteria to a yard. With proper care and attention, wisteria can become an integral part of any home's exterior.

'Wisteria plants can be vigorous growers if the ideal conditions are provided,' Rutter says. 'Grow in full sun with free-draining soil, watering frequently during the summer months. While it might take several years to achieve a wisteria as impressive as Ina Garten has grown, your patience will be rewarded with striking blooms and a heavenly scent.'

We love how Garten has brought this to life in a container, reminding us that we don't need an expansive amount of wall space to enjoy these beautiful blooms. With that said, we also love this Blue Moon Wisteria vine – perfect for decorating an arbor or pergola, with the outstanding flowers dripping down below.

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