Jamie Lee Curtis's marble bathroom masters the luxe metallic trend that matters in 2024

The white and gray marble bathroom uses metallic fixtures for a chic feel, and we've never been so excited about a faucet

jamie lee curtis wearing black
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Metal matters. Silver or gold, shiny or matte, antique or modern, choosing the right metallic accents for your home has a huge impact on the space. 

In her LA bathroom, Jamie Lee Curtis understood the assignment. The Everything, Everywhere, All at Once actress took to Instagram to share a mirror selfie in her bathroom, and we still haven't gotten over her high gloss, chrome hardware.

This is a bathroom idea you won't want to miss. Jamie's gray and white marble walls, mixed with her contemporary light fixture, create a luxurious background against which her chrome faucet, drain, and shower handle shine. Together, her bathroom features create a chic and modern space.

According to experts, chrome is one of the biggest bathroom trends of the year. Bo Helberg, CMO at Scandinavian Design house String Furniture, told H&G that '2024 will see the rise of metallics in design. From aluminum to chrome, metallics bring a subtle pop of color and make your interiors shine.' This effect is certainly visible in Jamie Lee Curtis's space, where the chrome hardware accentuates the beauty of her gray marble and makes the glass in her shower shimmer.

Bo Hellberg
Bo Hellberg

Bo Hellberg is the CMO at String Furniture – the storage powerhouse hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2020, String Furniture was awarded Furniture Supplier of the Year, but the basis of String's designs has shaped storage habits since 1949. In 1952, String shelves (now String Furniture) were ordered to decorate the newly built UN headquarters in New York City. 

For those hoping to recreate Jamie's iconic method of designing a bathroom, Shelley Cochrane, home accessories expert at Furniture Village, has some advice. Shelley states: 'To make the most of metallic accents in your home, think about what sort of look and feel you want to create. For example, if you have a minimalist style room, you can make use of silver and chrome accents to accentuate the contemporary and chic feel of your space, whereas gold, copper, and brass will bring warmth and sophistication to more traditional style rooms.'

Shelley continues, 'Decorating with silver will enhance and complement cooler tones, whereas gold tones work harmoniously with a warmer-toned palette and more opulent fabrics, like velvet. If you’re struggling to imagine where you can incorporate a metallic moment into your home, lighting is an easy and natural place to start. The way that light plays on these surfaces can bring an extra special touch to your space.'

As one of the predicted Pinterest trends that will dominate 2024, we can expect to see chrome everywhere in the coming year. Jamie Lee Curtis's bathroom hardware is just the beginning. 

Sophie Edwards
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