Jamie Lee Curtis's cabinet hue has a 'dream kitchen' quality that's powerful enough to transform any space

The energizing tone masters 'the art of illusion' in any sized space, including the actress's Los Angeles abode

Jamie Lee Curtis
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Few decorating decisions have the ability to unite designers, but the power of white cabinets is one that (almost) everyone favors. This hue is labeled 'eternal' for a reason: it's versatile enough to impress in every type of room – including Jamie Lee Curtis's Los Angeles kitchen. 

The actress's space is expansive enough to welcome any paint hue, yet Curtis opted for a classic. And who can blame her when this tone has a 'dream kitchen' quality that will likely look just as trendy in the future century? 

'When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, we always suggest prioritizing truly timeless colors and designs that you will love for a lifetime,' comments Mor Krisher, the head of product design at Caesarstone. And while neutrals of every shade will always feel timeless, white kitchens often come out on top.

Among the figures who prioritize white kitchens the most is Tom Howley. The designer notes that while the color has always been popular, it's enjoyed a particular increase in recent years, as our kitchens play host to more than just our eating habits. 

‘We have seen such a shift in how we want our homes to look, feel, and function over the past few years. This is inevitable because of just how much time we’ve spent in them, having transitioned from the bustle of commuting to an office into a work-from-home lifestyle,' Howley begins. 

'We need our homes to feel that much roomier, lighter, and brighter. White kitchens do this perfectly, offering an energizing, transformative aesthetic to any space and mastering the art of illusion, making smaller rooms feel bigger.'

small white kitchen with rustic country charm

A kitchen with a similar color scheme to Jamie Lee Curtis's.

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In her kitchen, Jamie Lee Curtis has chosen an off-white kitchen cabinet color that complements her marble island and countertops of a similar hue. Painting our cabinets is perhaps the simplest way to follow Curtis's lead, but as Mor explains, white kitchen countertops can make a significant statement if we're able to make the investment. 

'Although the kitchen countertop is often one of the last elements to be installed, this doesn’t mean it should be low on your kitchen design priority list,' he says.

'The countertop is part of the foundation of a kitchen design as one of the most visually prominent areas, as well as often receiving heavy usage on a daily basis, that’s why it should be considered first and not be compromised. Repainting your cabinetry at a later date is an option, but it is important to choose your worksurface with longevity in mind.'

Tom Howley
Tom Howley

Tom Howley founded the luxury British kitchen brand in 2004. With showrooms across the country, Tom Howley specialize in fitting beautiful, bespoke kitchen designs crafted from the finest materials.

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