Jennifer Garner ingeniously turned empty space into storage by hiding this kitchen essential in her closet

Why limit the benefits of an island to the kitchen? Professional organizers urge us to break island conventions, the Garner way

Jennifer Garner
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Versatile, durable, stylish: The benefits of an island need no long introduction – so why limit them to one room? While the kitchen is a natural setting, islands (of all sizes) can transform how we store goods in the most unexpected of spaces, starting with our closet, as Jennifer Garner demonstrates. 

The actress recently shared a tour of her walk-in closet, which is a maze of exemplary storage ideas, including vertical cabinets that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. It is the island, tucked in the center of the space, however, that professional organizers love the most. 

'Bedroom island units are fast becoming one of the must have storage pieces. More and more people with a bedroom to spare (of any size) are choosing to dedicate it to clothes storage,' comments Megan Baker, a storage expert from My Fitted Bedroom.

Just as bringing an island to the center of our kitchen turns unused space into storage (and more), the same ideology stands in the closet. Naturally, the unit gives Jennifer a place to store (as we see via the numerous drawers), but it's also a space to lay out potential outfits and accessories – making dressing a little bit more seamless. These benefits haven't gone unnoticed by Baker, who encourages us to take things further with an easily transportable alternative. 

'Bedroom island units can really help to bring the look and feel of a dressing room together – filling the empty space in the center of the room. They offer additional drawer space, as well as a tabletop for displaying perfume and cosmetics or other finishing touches,' she emphasizes. 

'When mounted on wheels, they can be easily moved around the room for the ultimate in flexibility.' 

white closet doors with gold trims in walk in closet, retro globe pendant light, island with decorative exterior, drawers and eggplant colored countertop

(Image credit: Fameed Khalique/Studio Indigo/Luke White Photography)

As mentioned, the drawers are a stand-out feature on Garner's 'kitchen island' – offering ample room for the actress to hide away clothing in a way that isn't possible with open shelves and rails. 

'Internal drawers versus shelving are increasingly popular. Again, this is because of the extra storage capacity – and inspiration taken from the folding techniques of storage influencers,' Baker says.

'Open shelving is great if you have lots of space to play with, but in most modern bedrooms, storage is about making items accessible and neatly stored. Drawers help to translate that zen-like feeling that everything has its place to the inside of the wardrobe. After all, there is no point having a beautiful wardrobe on the outside if everything is a mess or falling out as soon as you open the doors.' 

We can all draw inspiration from Garner's space, no matter the size of our closet. Whether it's a small, transportable kitchen island, like the one designed by Drew Barrymore below, or simply an incentive to swap our open shelves for more discreet drawers, this island is a lesson to us all. 

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