Storage ideas – 25 stylish storage solutions for every room

These storage ideas can transform a house that feels busy and cluttered into a sleek, streamlined, organized home

A storage bench with cabinet doors and a cushion top at the end of a bed / Rustic open shelving above a stoneware sink in a white kitchen / A standing hutch with closed cabients at the bottom and open shelving on top
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A home can have beautiful interior design, stunning character features, and breathtaking views – but it will never look truly put together without the best storage ideas to tie it all together and keep your everyday clutter at bay. 

No matter which decluttering tips you use or how often you clean your home, without proper storage, your space will quickly descend back into chaos.

With that in mind, we asked professional home organizers and interior designers for their best storage ideas that will instantly elevate any room in your home. 

Storage ideas

Whether you are looking for kitchen storage ideas or clutter-organizing solutions for the bathroom, bedroom, and beyond, we have you covered. These are just 25 of the best storage ideas to help you keep all the rooms in your home neat.

1. Style staple shelves

Rustic open shelving above a stoneware sink in a white kitchen

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When it comes to storage ideas, you often can't do better than simple shelving. 'From organizing kitchen shelves like a designer to displaying your best interior design books to add a touch of personality to any room – you can't go wrong with shelves,' says Sarah and Sally Wilkie, founders of Home Barn:

'Collecting items that you’re passionate about or displaying pieces of personal significance and importance - such as books, vintage furniture, or ceramics - on shelving is a great way to bring intrigue and charm to the home. 

'When thoughtfully displayed properly across open shelving or wall-to-floor cabinets, a meaningful look can be attained.'

2. Step back into niches

bathroom with shelf storage

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Niches and storage nooks are a great, easy way to add a bit of interest to a room with otherwise flat walls while also adding essential storage ideas. 'Nowhere does this work better than in small bathrooms or small bedroom ideas,' shares interior designer Nina Campbell:

‘I find it maddening not to have somewhere to put a glass of water, a clock, or a book, so I have done this a few times in smaller bedrooms,’ she explains. There is no need for niches to be deep either, she adds. A small set-back shelf the width of a glass, bottle, or book can be enough to add important practicality to any room. 

3. Blend storage into the background

Storage ideas trick the eye Thurstan Design

(Image credit: Thurstan Design/Michael Sinclair)

Not all home storage ideas need to be front and center. For streamlined home organizing that doesn't attract the eye, consider painting storage pieces the same color as your walls to keep clutter truly hidden, recommends James Thurstan Waterworth of Thurstan Design:

‘Soft, neutral tones set the scene for this bedroom in a Kensington townhouse. Using bespoke joinery, we’ve framed the window making a feature for the room at the same time as creating a window seat to sit and read or enjoy the views.’

4. Save space with sliding doors

Not every storage nook will have enough space to allow for sweeping doors and cabinetry. When space is tight, it is worth considering sliding doors to help stow away household clutter without compromising on sleek design, suggests Gabriella Dyson, Head of Solved for Homes & Gardens

'Be it a small closet or a fully integrated workspace, sliding doors offer the ability to shut away mess and stress anywhere in the home.' 

5. Fill out awkward spaces with storage

Storage ideas for a shower room

(Image credit: Showerwall)

Not every storage idea will be immediately apparent. Small nooks and gaps between fittings and fixtures might initially seem like wasted space but can quickly be turned into the perfect hidden storage spot. 

Adding shelves is the easiest way to make an awkward corner more functional, but wall hooks, form-fitting cabinets, or a large basket are also great options. 

6. Take to the heights

Storage ideas blue hallway bookcase

(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

Few things elevate a room like well-fitting floor-to-ceiling storage units. They are perfect for storing and displaying everything from books to art, to baskets, especially when you commission bespoke joinery and tailor the style to your needs. 

In this example from Neville Johnson, senior designer Simon Tcherniak explains how they added a ladder for an extra stylish touch while providing storage ideas to improve accessibility in your home

‘Made to measure from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, no part of this furniture is unused. The addition of the library ladder is a practical addition that allows access to the upper shelves and, while it adds character to the furniture, matching the color of the cabinetry means it won’t look obtrusive.’ 

While a similar piece would look beautiful in a dedicated library or home office, a bespoke piece of fitted furniture like this is an especially wonderful way to utilize and add interest to a hallway space. By choosing a bold colorway, you're taking the cabinetry beyond a piece of practical furniture and turning it into a personality-laden focal point.

7. Decant goods for beautiful storage

yellow pantry cupboard appliance garage painted in farrow and ball hay

(Image credit: Alice Grace Interiors)

Storage doesn't have to be solely practical – you can make it a beautiful decor piece too. 

When organizing a pantry, for instance, consider decanting food goods into uniform glass jars to help prolong the lifespan of your snacks and create more beautiful storage. Similarly, you can use recycled jars to organize a craft room and keep small odds and bobs neatly stashed away and easy to find.  

8. Combine open and closed storage

A standing hutch with closed cabients at the bottom and open shelving on top

(Image credit: Cotswold Company)

Where possible 'you should opt for a mix of open and closed storage, providing an opportunity for organization and efficiency, making family life a whole lot easier,' suggests Tom Howley, design director of the eponymous kitchen brand. This is especially true for high-traffic areas, such as mudrooms or entryways

'Floor-to-ceiling solutions are excellent for bulky seasonal outdoor items that may not be used often. You can incorporate shelving and baskets into tall cupboards for bags, boots, and other paraphernalia, even personalizing these spaces for each family member.'

9. Layer up labels

If you want to take your storage ideas to the next level, then you need to add labels, says Brenda Scott, professional home organzier and owner at Tidy My Space. This is perhaps unsurprising given that label makers are one of the many tools professional organizers can't live without

'Group like items together into totes or boxes that are labeled with the category. If you have a lot of one category, keep an entire shelving unit just for that. You could label the shelving unit too, this helps others know where items can be found and where it needs to  back.'

10. Opt for multi-functional furniture

A storage bench with cabinet doors and a cushion top at the end of a bed

(Image credit: Cotswold Company)

The practicality of multi-functional furniture cannot be ignored. No matter if you are trying to add more storage to a bedroom, upgrade your living room storage ideas, or organize an entryway, it has a place in every room of the house. 

'Storage benches, for example, are one of the key pieces of furniture you should purchase to help keep things looking stylish but clutter-free,' shares Lauren Zeng, of luxury furniture and homeware brand Homary. 'Elegant entryway seating can provide function. Not only are they a place for guests to sit and take off their shoes but there are a lot of options that include storage so shoes, keys, and even the kids' toys can have a place to be hidden away.'

11. Use pull-out drawers for practicality

A white kitchen pantry with pull out shelves

(Image credit: Brakes & Kropp)

 One of the best ways to maximize storage in every room is to add pull-outs so you can say goodbye to awkward to-reach corners, and things getting lost down the backs of cabinets suggests Bob Bakes, head of design at Bakes & Kropp.

This is also a great way to make more storage space when your room is on the smaller side, he adds. In the kitchen, for instance, pull-out drawers in a pantry gives you as much space as a walk-in when your kitchen layout won't permit one. Similarly, You can add extra storage space to a closet for accessories, folded clothing, or shoes. 

12. Pick the prettiest baskets

Simple but clever storage solutions. Blankets, towels and baskets in bedroom alcove store.

(Image credit: Joanna Henderson)

Another storage staple professional organizers can't stay away from is the best storage baskets. Not only are they perfect for concealing clutter while keeping it easily accessible, but they make any home look more expensive especially when you opt for high-quality craftsmanship, suggests Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and owner of Arsight.  

'High-quality matеrials еlеvatе organizing еssеntials. Choosе itеms madе from matеrials likе wood, lеathеr, glass, or brushеd mеtal. Evеn simplе itеms likе trays or storagе containеrs in thеsе matеrials can add a touch of luxury to any spacе.'

13. Divide up drawers

An open bathroom drawer with organizers

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'Drawer organizers are a very straightforward yet effective solution to increase storage efficiency, especially when organizing deep drawers. By compartmentalizing drawers, you maximize their utility so that every inch counts, especially for small items or spices,' says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer. 

14. Don't forget backs of doors

anelled door antique door knob single hooks belts scarf

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Using vertical storage to save space is a must no matter the size of your home. This means using the backs of doors, especially when organizing a bathroom to store towels or kitchen, suggests Katy Wells, professional organizer and owner of Clutter Cure Club.

'Vertical spaces behind pantry or cabinet doors with over-the-door organizers. These can be great to organize and store snacks, spices, condiments, or any item that you want accessible, but not visible.'

15. Make storage a display piece

chopping boards and baskets in kitchen with narrow display shelves and wooden floors

(Image credit: Stephanie Russo)

Just because you are storing something, doesn't mean you have to keep everything tucked away out of sight. Items stored on walls and countertops can make the perfect focal point of a room. 

'Whether it’s through a unique shape, color, or pattern, a cutting board can serve as a beautiful accent in the kitchen,' says Katy Wells, professional organizer. 'Integrating the cutting board over a section of the countertop, beside the sink, or as a part of the kitchen island can help save space, too. 

'For a warm, natural look, go for butcher block or bamboo. For a sleek, modern vibe, consider materials like composite or glass.'

16. Suspend pots and pans

White shelf with white hooks

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There are few things as awkward to organize as pots and pans. They are absolutely essential, but also incredibly bulky, making finding a good spot for them where they won't get damaged can be tricky. 

Instead of shoving them stacked up in a cabinet to get scratched, consider keeping them on display by hanging pots and pans from a rack either on your wall or from the ceiling.

This keeps them within easy reach while protecting the integrity of your kitchenware. 

17. Stow storage under the bed

Pull out under bed drawers

(Image credit:

If you need a little extra storage but don't need everything on display, underbed storage ideas are the way to go, says Gillian Gudgeon, APDO member and Founder of Restore the Calm. Whether you pick a divan bedframe for quick lift-up storage or opt for drawers or under-bed storage bags for lesser-used items, there are countless options for optimizing this secret storage stash. 

18. Store tools on walls

garden shed with tools

(Image credit: JohnnyGreig / E+ / Getty Images)

Whether you are organizing cleaning tools, or stashing your garden tools in your garage, using the walls is a great way to keep long-handled items out of the way without them falling over, says Katy Wells, professional organizer.

Use a combination of wall-mounted racks and standing tool organizers to keep tools in one spot and easy to access without blunting any sharp edges, and smaller transparent bins to keep smaller items tucked away. 

19. Style storage with curtains

curtain sink in laundry room

(Image credit: Vaughan Design & Development/Molly Mahon/Chris Snook)

Growing tired of having cabinets all around your home? Switch things up and try curtain fronts for storage instead, offering a touch of whimsy for a more traditional home. 

Whether you switch up the space beneath your sink or swap out a pantry door for patterned fabric curtain ideas, the opportunities are endless. It also allows you to change up the style of your space whenever you want without as much DIY. 

20. Make storage a statement

Anthropologie Bar Cart

(Image credit: Anthropolgie)

Bar carts and rolling carts are a great way to add moving storage to your home without having to lug around large plastic totes, says Juliana Meidl, professional organizer and owner of Serenity At Home, Detroit. Plus they have the added benefit of looking far nicer too, especially when you organize a bar cart properly, she says:

'One of our favorite products to use when organizing is the three-tier rolling cart from The Container Store. There are additional inserts that can be purchased to help separate the different supplies while keeping everything stored on the cart.'

21. Make storage a design feature

living room with arched shelves and white chairs

(Image credit: Vigo Jansons)

'I always appreciate architectural details big and small. There is endless charm and appeal to elements within a room that leap outside the traditional design box,' begins Brenda Petrunick, principal designer at Simply White Interior. 'I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t swoon over arches and curves, quirky nooks used in creative and compelling ways, an eye-catching door, and unique finishing materials such as shiplap, paneling, and wainscotting, as well as the intricate lines of an atypical ceiling feature.'

Drawing from these features when planning your home storage ideas is sure to make organizing any home ten times more motivating. 

22. Organize storage by color

A dining room with a full bookcase

(Image credit: Fanny Radvik / Cathy Nordstrom)

Your storage ideas are only as good as the systems you put in place to maintain them, warns Ashley La Fond, founder of home organization company Of Space + Mind. If you are looking for a quick way to create eye-catching storage, consider organizing by color, especially when organizing a closet, she suggests:

'To keep things organized but also inspirational, we recommend organizing it either by type or by color. Since capsule wardrobes tend to include more neutrals, organizing by color – keeping all black, white, and blues together – allows you to visually see what you have. 

'Seeing what you have can also help you merchandise better, identify gaps you have, and prevent you from buying more. It’s also great for anyone who likes a monochrome look, or wants to create themselves a uniform.'

23. Separate seasonal storage

mud room with screened closet and storage buckets

(Image credit: Chad Mellon at Studio Mellon / Styling Kara Perlis)

Not all of your storage has to be accessible all of the time. Creating seasonal storage ideas around your home will help to keep spring/summer and fall/winter items separate and easy to find at the right time of year, continues Ashley La Fond, home organizer.

'Only keep out the items that are in season,' she urges. 'Box up, move or store out-of-season items so that you prioritize your space for weather-appropriate pieces. It’ll also help make those out-of-season items feel more fresh and exciting when it's time to pull them out again.'

24. Use wall space for storage

A mudroom with shoe storage in a bench, an overhead cupboard and full wall grey cabinets

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

'Use hooks and pegs on walls, doors, or even over the door hooks to hang items like bags, hats, and accessories. This prevents these items from taking up closet space and gives them a dedicated place so they don’t end up misplaced or left in a pile,' suggests Daniel Dorn, creative director at mDesign

25. Signal luxury with uniform storage

office with marble table and fitted display shelves

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

If your priority is to organize your home for quiet luxury, then picking uniform organizers and storage solutions is the first and most important step, says Raychel Klein, professional organizer, KonMari consultant, and founder of Raybaybay home organizing.

'Create uniformity in the organizational products you use in your home. All hangers should be the same (or at least the same color). When using labels, choose a font color that is used throughout the home. Even having the same soap dispensers and trash cans in bathrooms helps build toward the quiet luxury aesthetic.'


How do I maximize storage space?

To maximize storage space, the best thing to do is to declutter, reorganize and categorize your belongings. That done, you can step back and assess whether the current storage ideas you have at home are sufficient to cope with what you want to keep. If not, you may need to invest in new storage. For small homes in particular, hidden storage – such as under-bed drawers – or built-in storage are the best solutions for maximizing storage space while making the rooms feel as large as possible. 

Alternatively, let's not overlook how handy a storage basket can be when it comes to maximizing storage space anywhere at home. For use on the floor for those with plenty of useable floor space, or you could opt for something smaller and nestle it within a shelf. You can use storage baskets to hide and hold just about anything, from towels to throws, toys, shoes, and more.

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