Storage baskets – 15 top picks to beautify home storage

These storage baskets are bound to add a touch of elegance to hiding clutter

Woven Storage baskets in an entryway
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Professional organizers would argue that you can't organize a home without some beautiful storage baskets to help spruce up your storage – and we can't help but agree. 

A smart and sturdy storage basket is the first thing you should consider when it comes to brainstorming storage ideas for your home. Whether you need a helping hand with the organization in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, baskets can elevate your space instantly – and neatly store anything that you would prefer to leave out of sight.

These are 15 of our favorite storage baskets on the market right now to help you curate stylish storage for every room of the house. 

Best Storage Baskets

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Getting the proportions of a storage basket just right is essential. Before you go shopping, assess exactly what you would like to store, then factor in if you need a larger or smaller basket, or perhaps even a set. It will also be worthwhile to consider if you prefer your basket to have a lid, for the maximum banishing of your trinkets, or if you would prefer an open-top so you can add items as you go. 

With the practical bit out of the way, it's finally time for the best bit – the shopping. 


How do I choose the best storage basket?

Which storage basket is best will depend on a few things. Firstly, what you are using the basket for? For delicate items and fabric items that might snag easily, you are better off picking a softer storage basket over a rattan or woven basket. For bathroom or kitchen storage, baskets with breathable gaps in them such as wire baskets, or woven baskets are a perfect choice, while storage baskets in a child's playroom should be easy to wipe down and disinfect.

Secondly, you will want to consider your home's style. Although storage baskets should, first and foremost, be functional, they also need to look pretty if you want to maintain your home organization. A more rustic home will suit handcrafted baskets, while a modern home may favor acrylic or metal. 

How do you declutter with baskets?

When decluttering your home with baskets, it is important to start with decluttering tips and buy baskets later. 

Although rehoming your items into aesthetic storage containers is arguably the most satisfying part of the decluttering and organizing process, buying baskets before you know what you are keeping and what you are getting rid of means you might buy too many, or too few, for what you need. Most importantly, until you have decluttered, you cannot adequately measure the space you have to fit baskets, meaning they might be too large or small for the space. This will ultimately leave your home less organized than when you started.  

Once you have done the bulk of your decluttering, you can then divide the items you want to keep into categories, using the baskets to keep like with like. You can then reassess anything that doesn't fit into the baskets or their categories to see if you can declutter further, or if you need to find more storage elsewhere.

There are plenty of ways you can beautifully organize your home with storage baskets, no matter if you are organizing a bathroom, or organizing a living room, so long as you have the right supplies – these baskets are just the best place to start. 

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