Jennifer Garner creates a modern farmhouse kitchen aesthetic by tapping into this emerging textured trend

Rustic details meet their match with a contemporary twist in this wooden kitchen, as seen on the Pretend Cooking Show Instagram series

Jennifer Garner
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Some of the best home cooking shows are happening on Instagram. Case in point: Jennifer Garner's Pretend Cooking Show, a social media series that has seen the likes of Ina Garten appear in the 13 Going on 30 star's home kitchen. 

Because of this series, we have become well acquainted with Garner's well-equipped space, but in her latest video, we couldn't help but admire a new area of her modern farmhouse-style room. 

While making an early morning breakfast of pancakes, the actor brewed her morning espresso (using a KitchenAid Fully Automatic Espresso Machine) in a cozy corner, backed by a natural, stone wall and white-painted shelves to match the cabinets.

The modern farmhouse trend is truly the best of both worlds: rustic and contemporary in equal measure, the design has seen a rise in popularity recently due to its versatility and charm.

'Modern farmhouse appeals to anyone who likes a blend of traditional design with unique or unexpected accents,' Homes & Gardens editor, Jennifer Ebert explains. 'The style can incorporate vintage or antique elements with finishes and accessories we see more frequently in modern homes, like metallic fixtures or accent colors.'

Natural materials are a cornerstone of the modern farmhouse style; Garner's combination of stone walls with painted, wood shelves is a perfect example of blending traditional and modern.

'In a space like the kitchen, try to utilize raw wood or stone in furnishings like dining tables and floorboards, while adding in contemporary touches with stainless steel appliances, or even a marble countertop,' Ebert suggests.

Modern farmhouse kitchen with a sink placed on the kitchen island

(Image credit: deVOL)

Color comes into play as well. Garner has opted for a mostly neutral palette, with gray stone and white cabinetry, but she allows for some subtle bursts of color with her ceramic, blue glassware sitting on the shelves. 

'Due to the materials used in the modern farmhouse trend, like wood, burlap, or stone, you will likely be dealing with neutral colors like brown, white/cream, and gray,' Ebert states. 'However, accents colors such as greens, blues, and pinks work wonders to brighten up a space.'

Aside from color, texture can also add visual interest to a predominantly neutral, modern farmhouse kitchen.

'Try incorporating texture into the kitchen with accessories like linen tablecloths, or a reclaimed wood serving platter,' Ebert recommends.

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