HGTV's Jenny Marrs has turned the farmhouse trend on its head to create this one-of-a-kind modern rustic kitchen

The Fixer to Fabulous designer has reinvented an old classic into a modern marvel

White kitchen with cream accents
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Laidback, warm and inviting, the farmhouse kitchen's nostalgic hold on our hearts remains strong for good reason; it always feels like home. By blending modern farmhouse style with on-trend paint palettes and metallic touches, it's possible to achieve a new, uplifting space with fresh-from-the-parlor charm. 

This modern farmhouse kitchen, designed by HGTV's Dave and Jenny Marrs, has done away with the traditional homespun look in favor of something far more relaxed, contemporary and casual. 

Modern farmhouse ideas often mean drawing on the very best elements of classic farmhouse style but giving them a twist that reflects 21st-century living, which the designer duo has achieved below. But what do the experts think?

The use of neutrals instantly captivated our attention, but it's how you use them that truly matters, say designers.

'Using a white or natural palette is all about adding depth and contrast in different layers and textures, says Jane Landino, creative head of studio at Taylor Howes. ‘To make a neutral palette feel designed and considered it’s important to mix and match patterns, albeit neutral ones and occasional pops of color.' 

In this contemporary space, Jenny Marrs added interest through shimmering metallic fixtures, rustic furnishings and antique furniture and objects. 

The range cooker – a modern farmhouse favorite is central to the overall aesthetic of this space, and its practicalities, as well as style, are worth noting. 

Since its development in the late 18th century, the range has become a staple for cooking and heating in the kitchen. It quickly earned its place as the heart of the traditional kitchen, and you can get the same look and feel without compromising on the efficiency or benefits of modern cooking methods – many designs today feature induction hobs, slow cooking ovens, or even rotisseries.

Another striking element in Jenny Marrs kitchen is the use of marble. In the high-end kitchens of the past, marble was an essential material. Its high thermal conductivity means that the stone is typically a few degrees cooler than room temperature – something that was invaluable pre-refrigeration. Marble is also heat resistant and can be durable when repeatedly treated. If you love the look but have a smaller budget, marble-effect worktops are a cost-effective alternative.

The lighting is another noteworthy feature. Good kitchen lighting can be a challenge in a traditional space as it must combine both practicality and aesthetics. Designs with brass finishes instantly add period charm and are especially elegant when installed as wall fixtures to highlight shelves or worksurfaces, as Jenny has done here.

Opting for brass and burnished metal fittings and wall lights is a brilliant way to bring warmth to cream kitchen ideas. Sometimes neutral kitchens can run the risk of feeling flat and lifeless but metallic finishes can help bring texture and life to kitchens contributing to a more relaxed atmosphere. 

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