Jeremy Allen White created an unconventional twist on the classic gallery wall – the result is a 'work of art'

‘The Bear’ actor shared his contemporary interpretation of a gallery wall – and it's even more personal than the original

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Gallery walls have been all the rage over recent years, but 2024 has seen the most personal, daring twists to date.

Whether we keep it traditional with our favorite artworks and posters or use it as an experimentative way to display records, gallery walls have evolved to showcase our inner interests and selves – meaning (unsurprisingly) they're loved by celebrities and designers alike. However, we may have just found our favorite alternative to the classic – and it's found on the walls of Jeremy Allen White’s home.

In sharing a selfie, The Bear actor showcased his contemporary gallery wall, featuring three variously sized retro-style mirrors instead of artworks or posters. The rounded metallic edges of the mirrors introduce a mid-century modern aesthetic and add interest and dimension against the white backdrop. It's a look that hasn't gone unappreciated by experts, including designer Nina Lichtenstein, who says it's turned his room into ‘a haven of stylish reflection.’

‘This arrangement not only adds visual interest but also creates a harmonious blend of modern and vintage aesthetics,’ Lichtenstein says. ‘The reflective surfaces capture and enhance the serene beauty of the neutral interior, showcasing the meticulous design of the surrounding space.’

It is perhaps no secret that decorating with mirrors has a way to enhance any space, meaning they're often labeled as an interior designer's go-to tool. We can enjoy seemingly larger, brighter rooms with one mirror alone, so grouping them together in a way that White demonstrates can only tap into even greater benefits – especially when used as part of a gallery wall.

‘Artwork with black frames adds a touch of sophistication to White's scene, nicely blending with the mirrors to create a cohesive and balanced look. Each piece of art, whether a photograph or a painting, finds a new dimension through the reflective dance of the mirrors, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room.’ Lichtenstein adds.

Plus, White’s unique arrangement results in mirrors extending beyond simply functional objects. 'They are works of art. By reflecting the essence of the room and the thoughtful details within it, these mirrors become a focal point, drawing the eye and inviting admiration,' Lichtenstein says. 'In a world where design often seeks to impress with bold statements, these mirrors offer a refreshing retreat into subtlety and refinement, making any space feel both timeless and uniquely personal.’

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When it comes to adding interest to your space, gallery walls are an ever-loved, timeless design choice. With endless possibilities, they are the perfect way to refresh a room and add personality to your home. White’s retro mirror arrangement is just one of countless variations of the classic design feature.