Jury Duty's Ronald Gladden wants to debunk a spring cleaning myth that will make organizing our homes easier

The sitcom star sat down with H&G to teach us new habits that will change how we tackle the tidying this season

Ronald Gladden
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Jury Duty's Ronald Gladden has a new role that brings laundry and the legal sector together (yes, really). Hollywood’s favorite juror has collaborated with Swash to launch Laundry Court, a campaign that sees Ronald return to the juror’s box to a case that completely flips laundry day on its cap. First on his agenda? The looming prospect of spring cleaning.

'I want to debunk the myth that spring cleaning only happens once a year. We need to stay proactive and stay on top of our jobs,' Ronald says in an exclusive interview with H&G.

'When doing our spring cleaning, we often bite off more than we can chew. We try to take care of it all at once. However, if we do it in smaller bites like you said, it's much more easily digestible that way.'

Ronald Gladden

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When preparing to spring clean (whether that's in spring or at another point in the year), Ronald recommends not aiming too high and starting with accessible jobs that we're sure we can get done. 'We all get a bit too over-eager and bite off more than we can chew, leaving us with unfinished projects. There's nothing wrong with starting small and growing big,' he says.

Laundry is one of these bite-size jobs that many of us tackle numerous times a week. Despite it being a frequent part of our to-do list, knowing how to do laundry efficiently can feel like a continuous, mundane problem. So, how can we make it more bearable?

'My biggest piece of advice in terms of making your laundry routine a bit more seamless is that you have to plan accordingly. I say that because I, too, fell victim to not planning very well,' Ronald says.

'The biggest issue people have with their laundry routine is that they don't give themselves enough time, so they’re washing their clothes too late at night or among other chores, and then they forget it’s there. Suddenly, you have a laundry hamper full of clothing that needs folding. You just have to give yourself adequate time and prepare accurately.'

Ronald Gladden

(Image credit: Courtesy of Swash®)

Equally, doing our laundry more often, in smaller batches, makes things less overwhelming. 'I'm guilty of it myself, and sometimes I put things off, but we just have to be proactive. With our laundry, we can’t wait until it's built up, and we only have one pair of socks and one pair of underwear left. We've got to stay on top of it,' Ronald emphasizes. 

'That’s one thing that Swash makes it easier for you to do. Laundry is a very boring, mundane thing, so they're making it a lot easier. It smells fantastic in your laundry room and smells like a tropical getaway.' We can stock up on this Ronald-approved laundry room essential below. 

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