Laundry room ideas – design and decor inspiration for dedicated washday spaces

Discover our favorite laundry room ideas for a stylish, yet functional, approach to washday

Laundry room ideas in a black, cream and blue, and white neutral scheme.
(Image credit: Farrow and Ball/Brent Darby/Nordic House)

If space allows, these laundry room ideas make a welcome addition to a property that you are guaranteed not to regret. Not only do laundry rooms provide a dedicated space for efficient laundering, but they can also provide a unique set of design requirements that are super fun to play around with.

When it comes to laundry room ideas, thinking like the most organized version of yourself is a great place to start. A combination of space-enhancing storage solutions and carefully considering how you will move within the space (particularly when it’s full of laundry, as opposed to when everything is neatly folded and tidied into cupboards) are key to creating a space that’s efficient and ergonomic. 

Once you’ve made choices based on the functionality of a space, you can start to think about decor, and tying this in with your kitchen ideas.

Laundry room ideas

Whether you’re gutting an existing laundry room and starting over, have gained a laundry area by way of a kitchen extension, or want to overhaul a tired space on a budget, our laundry room decor ideas and designs are sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

1. Incorporate on-trend tones into your laundry room ideas 

If there are kitchen trends that you love, but are not prepared to commit to in such a large space, consider your laundry room the perfect canvas. After all, given its inevitably smaller dimensions, you will find yourself spending significantly less money making changes as trends come and go.

Here, cabinetry finished in Farrow & Ball’s French Gray creates country charm likely to be in keeping with the rest of your home, while satisfying our love for the sage green interiors trend.

2.  Achieve rustic charm by combining textures 

Rustic laundry room ideas with white units and an exposed brick wall.

(Image credit: Neptune)

If a rustic country kitchen is what your heart desires, consider combining different textures and materials to achieve a unique look.

Here, a bare brick wall and concrete backsplash add an industrial feel to the space, while the use of shiplap paneling on the ceiling with traditional white cabinetry ensures there is still plenty of country appeal. A look that works for laundry or utility room ideas.

Recreate this look with Neptune

3. Consider open shelving for a space that looks lived in

Laundry room ideas with white units, pale wood fittings, open shelving and a monochrome tiled floor

(Image credit: Nordic House)

If your laundry room must also function as a pantry, or house additional kitchen storage ideas for essentials, open shelving is an option worth considering.

Not only does it serve a functional purpose, but it also achieves a homely, lived-in feel. Just ensure you are displaying your finest crockery. 

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4. Let your laundry room double up as a mudroom

Mudroom inspired laundry room ideas with a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit filled with boots and pale gray painted cabinetry.

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

If you don’t have space to justify a room dedicated solely to laundry, consider other ways of ensuring your space is functional, and think about combining your laundry with mudroom ideas.

Here, a handy mudroom storage solution allows this stylish country laundry room to double up as a space for stashing outdoor shoes. 

Louise Wicksteed, design director at Sims Hilditch advises: 'In terms of decor, we recommend a stone flooring that will be easily cleaned should any spillages or leaks occur.’

Find more inspiration, with help from Sims Hilditch.

5. Choose an all-white scheme to make a small space look and feel bigger 

A white laundry room scheme is a lovely option for a space that feels fresh, clean and organized. Plus, if you are looking for small laundry room ideas, a bright white will make your space feel larger and lighter with minimal effort. 

Mandy Oestreich from Marloe Interiors offers the following advice: ‘For our Cotswold country home clients, we opted for a balanced mix of old and new to redesign their laundry room. 

'Black bronze knobs contrast beautifully against the white painted shaker style cabinets, whilst the light-colored quartz worktop completes the look – creating a classic and timeless space.’

6. Flood your laundry room with light 

Laundry room ideas with large windows filling the upper half of the room, white painted walls and gray cabinetry with a tall wicker laundry basket in front.

(Image credit: Lifestyle Floors)

If you’re incorporating a laundry room into your home as part of an extension, consider designing a space that backs straight onto your outside space.

Not only is this beautiful space flooded with natural light, making it a spot even those who loathe laundry might enjoy spending time, it is also extremely practical. Rather than relying on a tumble dryer, it provides easy access to the garden where you can allow laundry to air dry.

Achieve a similar finish with flooring from Lifestyle Floors. Pictured above is their Dawn Herringbone finish.

7. Choose complementary shades for connecting spaces 

Laundry room ideas with a wooden floor and cream walls

(Image credit: Berry Alloc)

If you are designing a laundry room that connects directly to a kitchen, or dining area, consider opting for shades that complement your kitchen color scheme to achieve a cohesive finish.

Here, a laundry room with a cream finish works perfectly in conjunction with an on-trend, deep, dark and atmospheric kitchen scheme. These complementary shades ensure cohesion within the space, without looking too matchy.

Try Berry Alloc for a similar wood floor finish.

8. Invest in a traditional airer

A traditional wooden airer mounted from the ceiling in a white laundry room with black painted cabinets.

(Image credit: Martin Moore/Darren Chung)

Victorian airers are super-practical, of course, but they are wonderful for adding a touch of rustic charm to your laundry room ideas, too. 

Use them to dry and air larger items, such as towels and bedlinen – and hang decorative items too, for laundry room decor ideas that will make the scheme feel more lived in.

This super stylish laundry room scheme was designed by Martin Moore.

9.  Invest in custom carpentry for a high-end finish 

Laundry room ideas with a corner seat and blue mosaic vinyl floor

(Image credit: Carpetright )

Working with a carpenter is key to achieving a bespoke finish that not only suits your specific requirements, but also allows you to incorporate customized laundry room storage ideas, to make the most of the space you have available.

This clever corner seat adds a cozy cottage feel to this laundry room while allowing it to double up as a functional mudroom. Plus, each of the deep benches can be used for lift-up storage.

Find these gorgeous Eclipse Eleanor Vinyl Floor Tiles at Carpetright.

10. Maximize the vertical space available  

Another of our favorite design tips when it comes to small laundry room ideas is to maximize vertical space.

Here, wall to ceiling cabinets ensure plenty of storage potential, while a drying rack suspended from the ceiling can be drawn up and down as necessary.

Pairing a deep shade of maroon with terracotta tiles and dark woods provides this small place with plenty of character.

Discover Louise Roe Home for even more laundry room inspiration.

11. Consider a dark shade for a stylish laundry room  

Dark laundry room ideas with black shiplap walls, white accessories, open shelving and a natural wood-clad sink.

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball )

This stunning laundry room proves that the dark and atmospheric interiors trend works just as well in small spaces as it does in large, lust-worthy black and white kitchens.

Opting for a dark feature wall that comprises paintwork, cabinetry and paneling adds plenty of character while ensuring the small space does not feel overwhelmed.

Recreate the look with the shade Railings from Farrow & Ball.

12. Consider adding a fun feature to your laundry room

If you are tempted by patterned kitchen flooring or a bold paint palette but cannot commit to something a little more out there in any other room of the house, consider giving it a go in your laundry room ideas.

Kristen Nix, director of Kristen Nix Interiors, provides the following insight: ‘Designing a laundry room is an opportunity to play with color and have fun with tiles. 

'We wanted this laundry room to be fun – so we ran the tile on the diagonal and pulled in the blue in the cabinet paint. We papered the ceiling and walls, which helped make the space feel finished and special.’

Find more inspiration at Kristen Nix Interiors, @kristennixinteriors.

13. Keep it simple with a stylish gray scheme

A pale gray laundry room with brick flooring, white cabinetry, wicker baskets for storage and a white wooden wall shelf.

(Image credit: Neptune)

If bold shades, prints, and patterns are not for you, a trusty shade of gray is always a safe bet. Plus, this classic tone is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Here, gray paint adds a modern and sophisticated feel to the space, while white shaker style cabinetry and wicker storage baskets ensure this laundry room still has plenty of storage potential.

Recreate the look with Neptune.

14. Make your space work for you

Laundry room ideas a with blue cupboard and a dog curled up in a corner behind a pair of red boots.

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Ultimately, what is most important when designing a laundry room is ensuring that the space works for you. 

Whether that means retractable washing lines, built-in ironing boards, or cozy corners designed for dogs, as above, the options are endless.

 15. Zone your space to maximize efficiency 

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a laundry room that can be zoned, consider it an option that maximizes efficiency.

Zoning is the perfect way to organize a laundry room. We are picturing one area equipped with appliances which is designed for washing and drying laundry, and another set up for folding and ironing clothes to perfection.