How to roll towels – and get five-star hotel style

Bring the look of a luxury spa to your bathroom. This is how to roll towels from the experts

how to roll towels
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Wondering how to roll towels to recreate the sophisticated look of boutique hotels, spa retreats, and the most stylish bathrooms from interior designers? Rolled towels can look super-chic on shelves, in cubbies, or in a basket, and the technique means a fresh, clean and fluffy towel is always easy to grab.

And rolling towels isn’t just a great storage strategy for those kept in bathrooms. Try stashing them this way as part of your laundry room ideas to make the space look smart.

We asked the experts the share the secrets of how to roll towels and, here, we provide the details so you can get the look.

How to roll towels – the professional way 

Be aware that washing towels the right way and according to the laundry symbols on the tag before storing them is vital and the laundering process should also include drying them thoroughly before rolling or folding towels. Following the recommended procedures for each step will help keep towels soft.

Rolling towels can elevate your bathroom ideas and it could also prove a space-efficient way to store them. These are the towel rolling methods the experts use. 

1. Narrow fold method 

Rolled towels

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If you’re wondering how to roll towels ready to store in a small bathroom or small laundry room, the narrow fold method is the one for you. It is, according to home organizer Dean Davies from Fantastic Services, perfect if you ‘have limited space or want to roll your towels to stuff them neatly in a basket or cube’. 

Starting at one of the narrow ends, fold the towel in half lengthwise so that both halves are aligned. Dean also suggests making a crease to ensure the fabric doesn’t move and all the corners are aligned. Then, to create a piece that is narrower than it is tall, fold the rectangle in thirds – starting from a narrow end. 

‘To roll the towel, start by folding it in half and then starting at the narrow end, work your way to the other end, creating a tight roll. The folded edge should now be in the center of the roll. Then store with the folded edges facing up in a basket,’ he instructs. 

Dean isn’t the only fan of this small bathroom storage idea. Richard Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, also suggests that rolling your towels is an effective way to maximize space and may even make the room look bigger. 

‘One way to keep things neat is to properly store your towels. Rolling them will tidy your towel rack and give a luxurious touch to your bathroom,’ he says. 

2. Spa method 

Rolled towels

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Knowing how to roll your towels will give your space a spa-like appearance, according to Joanna Ross, general manager of design at Sheridan.  

The method for spa style? ‘Lay the towel out on a flat surface and fold one of the corners diagonally. The point should then line up with the edge of the fixed corner and generally lie somewhere near the center of the towel,’ Richard says. He then recommends folding your towel in half, then flipping it over with the folded edge out.

Then roll the towel, starting with the short side opposite the point. When you reach the end, tuck the point into the roll to hold the towel secure.

Rolling your towels this way can help make a small bathroom look bigger as well as creating a high-end atmosphere.

Folded towels

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How does Marie Kondo roll towels?

Marie Kondo doesn't roll towels so much as fold them. To roll towels the KonMari way:

  • Lay the towel flat then fold it in half, lengthways.
  • Now fold the towel in half, widthways.
  • Next, take one end of the longest part of the rectangle and fold it into the middle.
  • Then  take the other end of the rectangle and fold it over the top.
  • Marie Kondo stores her folded towels standing vertically, but we think they work just as well lying flat.
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